Be fabulously fashionable with ‘herGUY’

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The City of Love is not only known with the world renowned Dinagyang Festival, various gastronomic attractions and beautiful natural sceneries. It is now also starting to be recognized as the “Fashion Capital of the Philippines” next to Manila. 

The talented hands and creative minds of Ilonggo designers is just one of the reasons why fashion industry here is booming.                 

Ofcourse, the fashion industry will not be completed without the garment stores and boutiques which feature ready-to-wear items. 

One of the best options when shopping for dresses, blouses, shirts and other garments in Iloilo is “herGUY”. With its wide array of product choices which are all sold at amazingly affordable prices, one will surely find the perfect fit which suits your fashion statement.               

“herGUY” was established way back in the year 2011 at Atrium Mall as a fashion garment store which caters to both men and women. Most of its products were intended for the teenagers and young professionals. However, due to the growing demand of their clients and customers, “herGUY” decided to expand its products as it diversified options to also cater to the middle ages.

The concept of “herGUY” is something about a girl who is buying clothes for her guy. However, due to the growing demand of fashion industry in Iloilo, it was expanded to offer to various customers in all sexes and ages. “herGUY” is also popular among the fashion addicts because of its quality yet affordable and unique designs of dresses.

Aside from affordability and quality, “herGUY” is also known because of its distinctive designs which could not be found to other garment stores. All of its products were imported as it stocks came from Bangkok, Thailand. It has also new arrivals every week making it as the top option for the Ilonggo fashionistas. “herGUY” also assures the quality of the products that it sells as the owner really examines the clothes before displaying it.               

Now, “herGUY” even more expanded its products as it already sells other imported products such as colognes, perfumes and vitamins. It also sells original popular international brands of perfumes like Victoria’s Secret, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bulgari, Lacoste and DKNY at very reasonable prices.                

Aside from its branch located in the ground floor of Maryville Building, “herGUY” once again opened in the third floor of Atrium Mall to have a bigger space for their wide selection of products. Meanwhile, to give appreciation to their loyal customers, “herGUY” is also offering discount cards for every single purchase worth P1,000 and up.

So what are you waiting for? Visit “herGUY” now and choose your hottest picks that will complete your fashionable outfits. Be fabulously fashionable and “Live hot with the style and trend only meant for herGUY!” 

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