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The city of love is indeed popular with the various food which bring a piece of heaven to anyone who tastes it. From the restaurants which feature various culinary offerings, down to the purely-Ilonggo brand cafes which has their distinct products, Iloilo is truly a home of various gastronomic offerings.

One of the cafes which is serving the Ilonggos and is only located here in Iloilo is Heavenly Café & Pastries. From the name of the café itself, one can already picture out what it offers - a piece of heaven on earth. With the mouth-watering products of Heavenly Café which ranges from variety of cake flavors, coffee, tea, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and thirst quenchers, one will surely experience heaven in every bite and sip they take.

Located at the ground floor of GT Mall Plaza in Molo, Heavenly Café & Pastries was conceptualized by its owner, Maria Christy Grabato-Agulto who also bakes and makes its signature products. 

Heavenly Cakes, Coffee and Smoothies
According to her, the business all started as a hobby and out of her interest in baking pastries and in blending coffee. Through Heavenly Café & Pastries, Ilonggos will no longer spend much and go far just to taste the pastries and coffee blends that they are longing for.

One of the known products of Heavenly Café & Pastries is its wide choices of cheesecake which surely bring heaven to anyone who takes a bite on it. These cheesecakes varieties include the Heavenly, Oreo, Hersheys, S’more, New York, Blueberry, Strawberry and Pecan Caramel cheesecakes which has their own unique flavors which suit the sweet cravings of anyone.

Heavenly Café & Pastries also features cakes at affordable prices like Chocolate Blowout, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake and Brazo de Mercedes. 

Aside from the said cakes served at the café, Heavenly Café & Pastries is also accepting orders for customized cakes, cupcakes and cakepops which are perfect for birthday celebrations and other special occasions.

Meanwhile, to complement its sweet offerings, Heavenly Café & Pastries also features wide-ranging varieties of coffee and tea to those who want to have an aromatic and stress-relieving break. The café’s favorite coffee flavors include the Viennese coffee, Chai tea Latte, Matcha Green Tea and Espresso. It also offers freshly-brewed coffee which is made through French Press and Syphon.

It’s signature drinks, House-blend native coffee and Blue Lemonade, on the other hand, are the café’s bestsellers because of their authentic and unique flavors. 

Another bestseller is the French Macarons which bursts with flavors of melon, mango, chocolate, strawberry, ube and buko pandan. 

The café is also jam-packed with varieties of fully-loaded burgers, sandwiches and pasta which are all available at affordable prices.   

Heavenly Café & Pastries also features Belgian waffles as the newest addition to its vast choices of menu to completely satisfy the food cravings of anyone. 

Heavenly Cafe Spaghetti, Carbonara, Cheese Hotdog and Burger
Its heavenly ambiance paired with free wifi and customer-friendly baristas also accentuated the place- a perfect venue to unwind, relax and chitchat with friends after a day at work or school.

So, what are you waiting for, experience and taste a piece of heaven at Heavenly Café & Pastries and satisfy your craving for sweet foods and aromatic smell of coffee.

For orders, Heavenly Café & Pastries could be reached through cellphone number 0917-717-9332 or telephone number 503-2400. 

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  1. They have really delicious cheesecake. One of my favorites is their caramel cheesecake, I made a review about it HERE. Also, I love also their signature drink. ^_^