Punot: Flavors of Modern Iloilo

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Iloilo is indeed known in various crafts such the world-renowned Dinagyang Festival and different distinct attractions. 

However, the City of Love is also being loved by most of the tourists both local and foreign because of its flavorful and uniquely delicious gastronomic attractions.

In our modern way of living, most of us especially the young ones are not aware of our authentic traditional Ilonggo food because of the continuous advancements. However, there are also few who are still giving importance and preserve of our traditional food despite the effects brought by modernization.

One of the restaurants in Iloilo which is known of their authentic Ilonggo cuisines is “Punot”

Punot is a Hiligaynon term which means fish pen. Punot restaurant started way back in the year 1987 in the town of Estancia, Iloilo which is known for its freshly caught fishes and other marine resources.

Because of their dream to continue the legacy that their parents started, siblings Andrea and Chef Tope, the children of the original owners of the said restaurant brought Punot here in the City of Iloilo.

Punot restaurant here in Iloilo City has its own distinct menu which showcases the modernity of this city. Through the knowledge and expertise of Chef Tope, the usual Ilonggo dishes were given a new twist and taste.

To name a few of these modern Ilonggo mouthwatering dishes that Punot restaurant offers, the menu include Kasag y Mais, Seafood Prito-Fritos, Pork Sisig, Lechon Belly, Kadios, Ubad kag Manok, Patotim, Chicken Pandan, Pomelo Balingon, Kasag with Steamed Bok Choy, Garlicky Crab with Steamed Bok Choy, Binuka nga Tilapia and Laswa topped with Shrimp Tempura.

The said menus were all authentic and popular among the Ilonggo food lovers. But these were even made more delicious through the modern touch of cookery and appealing presentation that Punot restaurant incorporated to their food.

Aside from those savory choices of menu, Punot also offers unique thirst quenching drinks such as the Calamansi Cucumber Cooler and the Lychee Gulaman which are the top favorites of their customers because refreshment that these drinks bring. They also have unique desserts which include their own version of Mango Split, Turon Sticks and the Chocolate Pizza, the first of its kind in Iloilo. Punot also offers Ginamos Rice which will surely satisfy the cravings of their customers for bagoong.

Punot restaurant is located near the Iloilo Esplanade which adds to the soothing ambiance of the place as customer can hangout while overlooking the beauty the Iloilo River, making the restaurant as a perfect venue where the whole family can celebrate, dine, bond and unwind.

Taste the flavors of modern Iloilo and experience a new way of dining with you all-time Ilonggo favorite cuisines at Punot restaurant. With its modern touch to Ilonggo foods, no wonder Punot is one of those restaurants in Iloilo where Ilonggos as well other tourists visit. 

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