Hamada: Iloilo's real home of authentic Japanese cuisine

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Hamada's Japanese-themed interiors
More than a city with beyond-the-usual offerings, the “City of Love” is also a food haven with its wide array of mouthwatering choices that provides a blissful satisfaction.

Aside from the homegrown delicacies of the Ilonggos, tourists also love to come back to Iloilo because of the different restaurants which offer authentic international cuisine, bringing the specialties of various countries locally.

One of those Iloilo-based restaurants that offer authentic international dishes is Hamada.
Located at the cozy Plazuela de Iloilo, Hamada is a Japanese restaurant that perfects the authenticity of popular Japanese dishes while giving it a local touch of Ilonggo traits.

Spicy Sake Maki
Hamada is one of the first Japanese restaurants in Iloilo City. Established in 2011, the said Japanese restaurant remains to be a top option among Ilonggos and even to the tourists visiting because of the authentic taste of its dishes.

Named after one of the common family names in Japan, Hamada is well-known for its specialty food like Gindara (Grillled cud fish), Sukiyaki (Vegetables with Beef and Noodle Soup), Sushi, and Maki.

With the expertise of its chef who has a 20-year experience in cooking Japanese dish, its customers can be assured that they can taste nothing but the best authentic Japanese food. 

More than the expert chef, the restaurant’s ingredients which are being shipped from their suppliers in Japan make it stand out among other Japanese restaurants as they were able to preserve its original taste.

Yet, to fit delicate taste of the Ilonggos, Hamada is also creating food menu that fuses Ilonggo and Japanese flavors by substituting or combining local ingredients to form a new dish.

On top of the authentic food choices, Hamada’s well-trained employees under the new management add to the Japanese ambiance of the restaurant with their Japanese greetings complete the dining experience of its customers.

Aside from Japanese food, Hamada also offers drinks straight from Japan such as Japanese beer and Japanese wine (Sake) like Asahi and Kirin.

With its authentic Japanese dishes paired with perfect for dining ambiance, Hamada is indeed the best option if you want to have a taste of Japan in Iloilo.

Fusion Maki
Hamada is open from 10 am to 3 pm for lunch, and 5 pm to 10 pm for dinner, Monday to Sunday with buffet every Thursday for only P425. They are also offering bento meals every weekday from 10 am to 3 pm for only P195.

In addition, they are also offering free buffet for seven years old and below and half of the price for seven to twelve years old.

Hamada is also accepting catering services. For reservation and inquiries, contact them at telephone number (033) 333-3528 or email them through hamadaplazuela@gmail.com.

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