Enjoy affordable Japanese food at Akiyama Japanese Cuisine

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ILOILO is not only starting to emerge as a business hub of Western Visayas. It is now also becoming a haven of restaurants offering international menu that satisfies one's epicurean cravings.

Akiyama Japanese Cuisine is the newest addition to Iloilo's growing family of international restaurants. With its wide selection of authentic Japanese dishes which are all available in affordable prices, this Japanese restaurant is indeed a good option for those who want to taste the finest gastronomic offerings of Japan.

Owned by Chef Yoshihisa Akiyama who also started a Japanese restaurant in Japan named Sushi Izakaya with his wife, Karen, Akiyama Japanese Cuisine is his way of bringing Japan's unique food experience to the Philippines.

Chef Akiyama said that he decided to open a restaurant three years ago in the Philippines and wanted to offer a healthier and authentic Japanese food.

He tried to find a venue in Manila, but he discovered Iloilo City is the best place where he can materialize his dream of opening a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines.

Akiyama Japanese Cuisine's menu ranges from noodles such as Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen; rice in  bowl such as Curry Rice, Katsudon, Tendon, and Yakinikudon;sushi such as Unagi Maki, Oshi Sushi, Fotumaki Sushi; and Nigiri Sushi; and main courses such as Tonkatsu, Chicken Karage, Yasai Tame, Mix Tempura, and Chicken Teriyaki, among others.

The said Japanese restaurant is also offering salads like Seafood, Tofu, and Potato Salads, as well as baked dishes such as Cheese Potato and Cheese Tomato.

Akiyama Japanese Restaurant is also boasting its Snow Frappe which is available in melon, lemon, strawberry, blue Hawaii, orange, and grapes flavors.

With those wide selection of authentic Japanese dishes, Akiyama Japanese Cuisine is indeed the best choice if you want to try the finest Japanese food in town with prices ranging from P60 to P300 only.

To taste its affordable food offerings, visit Akiyama Japanese Cuisine at "The Shops at Amigo".

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