Tasting the homegrown brew

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"Your Homegrown Brew"
Filipino home-grown products are slowly making waves in the global arena at par with other international brands. Some of these manufactured goods include local coffee beans, perfect to experience home-grown brew of hot delight.

For a coffee fanatic, the drink is the ultimate preparation and rescue for an eventful day.

A dose of Bo's Coffee will surely make your day.
What others don’t know, is that back in Cebu in 1996, out of a coffee drinker’s passion of looking for the best coffee in the world, comes the birth of a well-loved Filipino brand, Bo’s Coffee.

If Bo’s Coffee Chief Executive Officer Steve Benitez were to recall, he fell in love with coffee while he was out exploring other parts of the world. Until one day, he was struck with the idea of sharing his global coffee experience to every Filipino.

Bo’s Coffee was named after an American-Italian guy whom Benitez met in a coffee roaster when he was still studying in New Orleans 21 years ago. The incident inspired him to pursue a business venture in coffee, which is reaping its years of success now.

Presently, Bo’s Coffee is one of the local coffee shops that continue to captivate various parts of the country including Iloilo.

Iloilo City was chosen to be the venue for expansion outside Manila and Cebu because of the fast developments and strong economy happening here, said Benitez.

Bo’s Coffee officially opened its first full-service shop and second branch in Iloilo on April 19 at the “Shops at Atria” in Mandurriao District, summing up a total of 74 branches nationwide at present.

‘Your Homegrown Brew’

Bo's Coffee gives the spotlight to the coffee origins
found in the Philippines.
Other coffee shops boast of their acquired coffee beans. Bo’s Coffee, on the other hand, has changed the way the game is played. It takes pride by putting into the spotlight the finest locally-grown Arabica and Robusta beans.

Dubbed “Your Homegrown Brew,” Bo’s Coffee showcases Filipino coffees by highlighting its origins as its specialty.

Yielded from the mountains of Benguet and Sagada in the north and Mt. Apo, Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Matutum in the south, every Bo’s Coffee’s coffee origins have its own distinctive taste.

The finest Robusta beans Bo’s Coffee uses came from the low lands of Cavite and Batangas, among others -  a proof of local brands producing the highest standard of globally-competitive products.

Going beyond the coffee

Every sip of Bo’s Coffee produces a tonnage of vast stories. These tales are poked out after tasting the flavourful creations of every Bo’s Coffee personnel.

The expertise of the baristas give
the customers an amazing coffee experience.
Despite being a global home-grown brand, Bo’s Coffee also extends its help to communities by supporting their social enterprises.

“Most of our merchandise came from a certain community that produces globally competitive items that we can showcase here,” said Bo’s Coffee National Operations Manager Ivy Benatiro.

The partnership of Bo’s Coffee with ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, for example, has given customers the opportunity to learn about the distinctive patterns from areas such as Benguet, Sagada, Mt. Apo, Mt. Kitanglad, and Mt. Matutum where they also source out their Arabica beans.

These weaved fabrics are used in Bo’s Coffee’s tumblers, luggage tags, furniture covers, and employee’s uniforms.

Still as part of its support to social enterprise, Bo’s Coffee is also offering Gawad Kalinga-Enchanted Farm’s (GK-EF) Bayani Brew Filipino Iced Tea as well as its local artisan chocolate brand Theo and Philo in selected branches, making Bo’s Coffee a platform of their business.

Aside from taking part in social enterprises, Bo’s Coffee also showcases works of Filipino artisans in its stores including Kenneth Cobonpue furniture - giving customers a glimpse of the modern industrial Filipino ambiance.

“Most of the things that we put in our stores are really advocating those global talents that we have as our advocacy. We ensure that we cater to the upscale global quality that the Philippines has to offer,” Benatiro explained.

Pour-over method

Bo's Coffee is the only coffee shop in the Visayas
that practices the traditional "Pour-over Method".
Bo’s Coffee also takes pride of being the only coffee shop in the Visayas that conduct the hand-brewing method to get the best authentic taste of its coffee origins.

Through the pour-over method coupled with the careful and delicate hands of its well-trained barista,  Bo’s Coffee provide customers a home-grown global experience in its simplest form – the flavour profile where it came from.

Unlike the latest discoveries of brewing, the pour-over method is still considered the best way in terms of extracting coffee as it gives the drinker its natural flavour.

Indeed, Bo’s Coffee has brought Filipino products and artistry to a whole new level. Offering nothing but the best, Bo’s Coffee is here to stay. (Photos from Bo's Coffee)

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