Crispy Thin is in!

6/01/2015 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

The new Greenwhich Crispy Thins

FILIPINOS' well-loved pizza brand, Greenwhich, is offering something new to the pizza lovers. This time, it gives the spotlight to the thinner ones!

Greenwhich recently re-launched its Crispy Thins to satisfy the cravings of its diners. Now, your favorite Greenwhich Crispy Thins come in five equally flavorful varieties - Signature, Hawaiian, All-Meat, 7-Cheese, and Pepperoni.

Made from the finest ingredients, Greenwhich Super Thins truly offer delectable goodness as each flavor bursts with crisp of freshness.

Greenwhich signature fries

In line with the re-launching of the new Greenwhich Crispy Thins, the brand also introduces the newest member of Greenwhich Barkada.

Soon-to-be 20-year old Yasmins Isabel "Yassi"  Pressman is Greenwhich's newest it-girl. According to Cookie Cabrera, PR Head of Greenwhich, Yassi perfectly represents the brand because of her exceptional talents and her personality of being nice and happy person.

Greenwhich Choco Banana Crisp
So, if you want to satisfy your pizza cravings, you better try the new Greenwhich Crispy Thins. It has less crust, but has more flavor that will surely make you ask for more.

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