Placemat advertisement: New, best and cheapest way to advertise

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Sample of placemat advertisement.
ADVERTISEMENTS have been one of the most important elements of business. It is the most effective way to present one’s products and services and to persuade the consumers. With the emergence of various businesses in Iloilo City, the competition in the market is getting tighter. Thus, the need for advertisement among businesses is also rising.
There are various types of advertisements with radio, TV and newspapers as its most popular mediums. Yet, the rise of the new media also paved way for the advertising industry to evolve as it penetrates the Internet, specifically the social media and the websites.

Out-of-home ads such as billboards have also levelled up and found a new way of communicating the advertisers’ messages through the electronic billboards which we can see all over the metro.

There is another type of advertisement, probably not-so familiar to most of us, but is starting to grab the attention of some businesses in Iloilo City called “placemat advertisement”.

Pioneered by Blue Kite Advertising in Iloilo City, placemat advertisement is indeed perfect for Iloilo City as it is now starting to be known as foodies’ haven because of its gastronomic offerings.

According to James Garcia, the founder of Blue Kite Advertising, placemat advertising is based on the need of Iloilo market in terms of advertisement. He saw that the said kind of advertisement is the best advertising alternative, noting that the print medium is the most effective when talking about advertisements because of its impact to the readers.

James Garcia, Manager of Blue Kite Advertising
and pioneer of placemat advertisement in Iloilo City.
“One of the company’s objective is to correct businessmen’s perspective that they don’t need to advertise because they are only small business. Actually, the more they have to advertise for them to be known,” Garcia noted.

Literally, placemat advertisements are ads displayed on a placemat. Since Ilonggos love to dine and most of the tourists go here to taste the finest food that Iloilo has to offer, Garcia thought of something different that will hit two birds with one stone – provide businessmen a new platform for advertisement that will give them the best deal while promoting the best restaurants of Iloilo as he ties up with food establishments here where he places the placemats.

Printed in colored, stylish and entertaining pages, placemat advertisements easily attracts the audiences’ attention and directly targets the market as every person who eats in its partner food establishments get to see the advertisements printed on the placemat. Therefore, the percentage of being noticed which is the main purpose of advertising, is very high.
At present, the placemats that Blue Kite Advertising is producing are being used in two of the most famous food havens in Iloilo – Desserts in the Sky and Ted’s Old Timer La Paz Batchoy (Diversion Road branch). The company is also looking to have partnerships with other restaurants in Iloilo City with the growing number of its clienteles.

Since it started its operations on February, Blue Kite Advertising has been receiving positive feedbacks from its clients as placemat advertisement helped them boost their sales and profit.
Bearing the tagline, “Letting them Know you”, Blue Kite Advertising believes to the power of placemat advertisement in terms of giving their clients the maximum exposure in a price that will not hurt their pockets.

To know more about Blue Kite Advertising and other products and services that it is offering aside from placemat advertisements, call mobile number 0917-861-6565 or email 

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