Wild Bamboo: Japan expat's judgment

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Hmmm...she looks serious and hungry 
WILD Bamboo is now making a name in the local food industry as a Japanese fastfood restaurant that serves wide choices of delectable Japanese dishes at an affordable price.

Curious about that tag, Japan expat Stephanie Jallorina who spent eight years of her life in the "Land of the Rising Sun", tried out Wild Bamboo's best sellers and rated her top choices based on her discriminating Japanese taste buds.

From the vast array of Japanese dishes on Wild Bamboo's menu, Stephanie chose the top three best dishes that made her say "Oishi!".

Here are her picks:

TOP 3: Miso Ramen

Perfect for the rainy days
Earning the last spot on Stephanie's list is the Miso Ramen. This soup dish has been also among the favorites of most Ilonggos as it is comparable to our very own batchoy (as both of them have noodles and flavorful soup).

Based on Stephanie's judgment, Wild Bambo's Miso Ramen tastes almost the same as the authentic dish that she has tasted in Japan before. However, the fastfood restaurant's version has something that she can't explain. "Maybe it's with the noodles," she just said.

Rating: 7 out of 10

TOP 2: California Maki

My personal favorite :)
If I will be asked, I would put this on the top spot as it is my personal favorite. And good thing, Stephanie agreed with me that it is indeed one of the best. Yet, she just ranked it second on her list.

She judged it as "almost perfect" because of its authentic flavor (kudos to its ingredients and the way it was prepared). She liked the Japanese rice used in the said dish as well as the Mangoes and Kani Crab sticks that were wrapped inside it. The presentation of the dish and its affordable price (P60 for six pieces) is definitely a plus.

Rating: 9 out of 10

TOP 1: Futomaki

A flower-like roll
Topping Stephanie's top three Wild Bamboo favorites is the Futomaki. Literally means "fat roll" in Japanese, this dish has instantly grabbed my expat friend's heart because of its very eye-catching presentation and ofcourse, genuine flavor.

Stephanie is speechless from the wasabi that was served with it (not because of its spicy flavor, but because of its authenticity), down to the seaweed that covers it and to the ingredients that bursts inside it. It's obvious to her every bite that she really liked it as she almost finished six pieces without inviting me. No wonder she made it as her top favorite.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Happy and satisfied!
As a whole, Stephanie rated Wild Bamboo the highest rating because almost all (if not all) of its food offerings has seemingly brought her back to Japan.

Thinking that it is served in a fast lane, Stephanie is amazed how they were able to get the authentic taste and the intricacy of every dish in that kind of manner.

She likewise concluded that the authenticity of the food varies on how it is prepared and the ingredients being used.

She was also shocked knowing that the dishes are not pricey as she expected. Indeed, Wild Bamboo has amazingly impressed my Japan expat friend.

Dig in to this Japanese feast!

Here are other must-try dishes at Wild Bamboo:

Mixed Tempura Bento

Chicken Teriyaki Bento


Chicken Thigh, Liver and Gizzard


Wild Bamboo is located at Ground Floor, SM City Iloilo Food Court
Tel. No.: (033) 320 8150
Facebook: Wild Bamboo Iloilo
Instagram: @wildbambooiloilo

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