Top 5 life lessons from ‘Kalyeserye’ (Realizations of an AlDub fan)

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I AM not really into teleseryes (television series), especially those with a rich-boy-meets-poor girl kind of story line who fell in love with each other, challenged by their life status differences, fought for their feelings, defied their families, and in the end, got the usual “happily-ever-after” ending.

From just simple "Pabebe Wave" AlDub has now gone a long way.
Yet, there is one TV series that I cannot afford to miss its episodes and it’s called “Kalyeserye”. It is a series popularized by the country’s longest running noontime show, Eat Bulaga which became phenomenal because of the two main characters named Alden (Alden Richards) and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) or better known as “AlDub”.

“Kalyeserye” is a whole new TV series format, but was instantly accepted by the audience. I don’t know what magic they used to make it a viral hit even in the social media, but I am one of the members of “Team Replay” since I only watch it online due to my work schedule.

Their split screen love affair, which became even unique because of their Dubsmash way of communication has indeed gone a long way. From breaking records of records on Twitter to filling the world’s largest arena, AlDub just proved that they are truly phenomenal.

A love story that started in just one “Pabebe Wave” is now a worldwide sensation as even international media organizations and news wires got curious about AlDub and featured them in their segments.

Yet, more than the trend that they have set and the kilig that they are bringing to the viewers, what I like the most in Kalyeserye are the lessons that I get especially from the characters of Alden, Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora.

Lesson No. 1: Learn to wait
It might be a cliché, but patience is indeed a virtue. Kalyeserye have overemphasized this as Lola Nidora always reminds Alden to wait for the “tamang panahon”. Indeed, there is time for everything. All we have to do is to wait for the perfect timing. Just like Alden to Maine, he patiently waited for them to see each other in person and valued Lola Nidora’s advice: “Masarap umibig, masarap ang inspirasyon huwag lang minamadali. Lahat ng bagay nasa tamang panahon.”

Lesson No. 2: Don’t break trust
Trust is one big word that can be easily broken and Kalyeserye has constantly reminding its audience of its importance in any kind of relationship. When Alden and Yaya Dub met for the first time and even on their succeeding meet-ups, Lola Nidora has set some rules she needs to follow. She also keeps on reminding Yaya Dub not to break her trust and instead keep her promises. As what she quoted, “Ang pagtupad ng pangako ay ang pagsunod ng totoo. Ang binitiwang salita ay hindi dapat isawalang-bahala dahil ang katumbas nito ay ang pagtitwala.”

Alden Richards visited his Ilonggo fans last Nov. 6 and I'm one lucky fan who got
a chance to have a face-to-face interview with him.

Lesson No. 3: Love can move mountains
I am a believer of love and in its infinite power. It is very powerful that it can make the impossible possible. This is clearly portrayed in Kalyeserye. As a traditional elder, Lola Nidora let Alden experience the old-fashioned way of courting. Alden faced many challenges just to meet Yaya Dub in person and he survived all of it and earned Lola’s trust.

“Walang naiinip sa taong tapat ang hangarin. Walang susuko sa taong totoo ang tibok ng puso. Ang pag-ibig ay magtatagal sa mahabang panahon kung ito ay hinihintay sa tamang panahon,” she said.

Lesson No. 4: Distance doesn’t matter
LDR? No problem, says Lola Nidora. Long distance relationship is not an issue at all as long as there is love and trust. Kalyeserye tackled it for the audience learn that distance is not a reason to lost love, especially for the Team Abroad who are in long distance relationship with their families. And just like Alden and Yaya Dub, they talk their loved ones in split screen. As what Lola Nidora said, “Walang malalim na dagat, malayong landas. Maganda ang bagay na pinaghihirapan, pinagsusumikapan, pinagtiya-tiyagaan, at dumarating sa tamang panahon.”
And ofcourse, I did not let the chance pass without having a "Pabebe Wave" with him!

Lesson No. 5: May forever
If there is one thing that Kalyeserye is constantly pushing, that might the existence of forever. It has been an argument if there is such a thing, but AlDub just made people believe to forever through their charismatic team up. The road to forever is never easy. Yet, with the right things happening at the right time, it is bound to happen.

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