Ang Kamalig Restaurant's New Menu

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ILOILO'S very own "Ang Kamalig Restaurant" keeps on surprising its patrons with its delectable offerings made even tastier by Ilonggo hospitality and tradition of strong family ties.

A restaurant established in the 1880s, "Ang Kamalig Restaurant" has become known to the Ilonggos because of its lutong bahay menu which were derived from the original recipe of the patriarchs of the Treñas family.

Now, as it was revived by the new generation of the Treñases, Kamalig has brought back its glory as Ilonggos and people visiting Iloilo instantly loved its gastronomic offerings. 

From the well-loved original menu of the restaurant, they have added more Ilonggo favorites, fusing classic recipes with modern taste.

Randomly Candid was invited to try out Kamalig's new menu. And here are the restaurant's tasteful creations.

Kare-Kare Pata (P395)

Kare-Kare is one of the most popular Filipino dishes served during special occasions. Kamalig's version was made even richer with its special peanut sauce garnished with fresh vegetables. The tender oxtail is, ofcourse, the star of the dish, but the ginamos served on the side will complete the flavor.

Patotim (P495)

Kamalig's Patotim is one of my personal favorites. Though somewhat exotic to some, this dish will never disappoint you once you try it. It is a duck cooked the Patatim way. It was slowly braised in a sweet-savory sauce with a little hint of cinnamon that added delight to it. 

Pork Tenderloin Steak (P265)

Patterned from the Filipino favorite, Bistek Tagalog, Kamalig's Pork Tenderloin Steak uses only prime pork and tenderloin to achieve the best and the freshest taste. The caramelized onions on top do not only give beauty to the presentation, but also provide additional twist to its taste.

Kadios Baboy Langka (P345)

Kadios Baboy Langka or KBL as what it is popularly known is an original Ilonggo dish.  It is a classic sour soup with tender pork belly as main ingredient. Kamalig's version was rooted from its original cook whom they address as Tiyoy Raphael. 

Melon, Watermelon and Banana Nut Shakes

These shakes are perfect for the summery weather. Though sweet, these thirst quenchers were made from natural flavors, sweetened and made creamier with yogurt, instead of milk.

Tocino Del Cielo (95)

It looks like a Leche Flan, but it's not. Tocino Del Cielo is a Spanish Custard. It is made from egg yolk and does not use milk.

Turon na Langka, Sab-a at Ube (P90)

A famous Filipino merienda which is also perfect as dessert. Kamalig has made it more delightful with its sweet banana, ube and langka filling.

Fried Ibos kag Ice Cream (100)

A perfect twist for our native ibos. It is my favorite among the desserts because of the perfect blend of flavors that comes from it. The ibos fried in butter is already good enough for me, but the bandi and ice cream toppings just completed my whole gastronomic experience.

Ang Kamalig Restaurant is located at “The Shops at Atria” in San Rafael, Mandurriao. To know more about its wide ranging menu call (033) 501-5002 or like their official Facebook page, Ang Kamalig Restaurant Phl.

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