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ASIDE from being known as the “City of Smiles”, Bacolod City is also called as the “Land of the Sugar Barons” where sugar remains to be a thriving industry. The sweetness of this industry is not only found on Bacolodnons’ optimism, but also on their gastronomic attractions.

One of the popular brands of sweets in Bacolod City is “C’s by L’Fisher”. C’s means all of the sweets that comes into your mind – coffee, cakes, chocolate, and churros.

Started in Bacolod City four years ago, C’s remains to be the most preferred name of the people of Bacolod and even those visiting the city when it comes to bread and pastries.

Now, Bacolod City’s sweetness overflew to its neighbour Iloilo City as it recently opened a branch at the ground floor of SM City Iloilo Northing Expansion.

According to Chef Denis Laumone, pastry chef of C’s, the café which specializes in artisan French bread, French rolls, Danish croissant, éclair, croinuts, cookies, and cakes wants Ilonggos to taste the quality of products that they are offering in Bacolod.

Laumone noted the fresh and premium ingredients that they are using in their products, making it authentic and superior compared to others.

“The technique that we use is the original French technique in making a bread. We don’t use additives, everything is natural,” he explained.

Though not all of their products from Bacolod were brought in Iloilo, he assured that the Ilonggos will be tasting the same quality of bread and pastries that Bacolodnons embraced.

Aside from sweets, C’s is also serving other products that satisfy one’s cravings. Among its topsellers include its version of Bacolod’s very own Chicken Inasal, US Beef Salpicao, Spanish Chorizo, Barbecue Chicken Salad, Pancit Molo, Caesar Salad, Tuna Sandwich, and Beef Burgundy.

C’s is also serving Rice Toppings namely, Chorizo Con Arroz and Chicken Pork Adobo for those who want more carbs in their meals.

Its other bestsellers include Angus Beef Tapa, Chicken Aioli Panini, Chorizo and Cheesemelt on Croissant, and Bolognese Spaghetti which are all perfect as meal or snacks.

So, if you are looking for a diner that will give you a jam-packed food experience and overload of sweets, drop by C’s and see for yourself why it is loved by its patrons.

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