Who is Kuya J?

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Kuya J Restaurant is located at 2nd floor, SM City Iloilo Northwing Expansion

Kuya J Restaurant is now starting to earn public's recognition as a restaurant that offer Filipino favorites. But who is really Kuya J and how this business became successful in just a short span of time?

Everytime I hear "Kuya J", the first person that comes into my mind is its endorser, Jericho Rosales. As a matter of fact, I really thought that Echo is the owner of Kuya J and it stands for "Kuya Jericho". Well, kudos to their Marketing Team. They made the right choice in choosing Echo as their ambassador.

Last January 31, I was properly introduced to Kuya J during a Meet and Greet event at Kuya J Restaurant located the 2nd floor of SM CIty Iloilo's Northwing expansion.

As explained by owner Winglip Chang, a seasoned restaurateur from Cebu, Kuya J Restaurant started last year. Within just few months of operations, its presence was felt so much that from 18 fully operating stores in September last year, they were able to open 12 more stores by the end of 2015.

Aside from the effective marketing strategy of the brand, what really made Kuya J Restaurant successful are the mouthwatering Filipino dishes that are made from the heart, paired with remarkable service.

Crispy Pata is Kuya J's specialty. It is a perfectly deep-fried skin,
with tender juicy pata meat.

Kuya J's Relyenong Talong is my personal favorite, I like its fresh take
on this pinoy favorite.

Crispy Catfish is one new dish to me. It is a buttered deep-fried
catfish seasoned with spices and served with chili tuba sauce and
bagoong mayo.

Kuya J's Kare-Kare is looks traditional but tastes new because of
its reinvented peanut sauce.

Sauteed crabmeat and bamboo shoots filling rolled in malunggay-infused
wrapper with sweet garlic sauce, Lumpia Presko is the favorite of
Kuya J's date.

Over-spilled with cheesy butter topping, Kuya J Grilled Scallops is Kuya's favorite.

Kuya J's Humbinagoongan Rice is already good enough for a meal. Rice palang, ulaam na!

Kuya J's Danggit Rice is perfect for breakfast.

A classic dessert, Kuya J's Buko Pandan is one delightful

Kuya J made tablea a tempting dessert. Presenting Kuya J's
Tablea Coffee Flan

As a little treat, Kuya J edorser, Jericho Rosales jammed with the guests.

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