Learning is always fun at Marbee Adventure

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KIDS, basically love to play. It is their way of entertaining themselves and enjoy their carefree lives. But more than that, it is where they develop skills, meet new friends and learn new things. These are the things that Marbee Adventure want the kids to experience – learn in a fun way.

Located at the second floor of SM City Iloilo Northwing, Marbee Adventure lets kids enjoy playful activities.

We all once became a kid and we all know well how it feels to play all day as if there is no tomorrow. However, the present generation seem not to enjoy physical activities as they tend to play games in their gadgets with their virtual playmates, instead of going outdoors and play it with their real life friends.

Marbee Adventure wants to make kids become physically and socially active with its safe playground.

Beia Legarda Santos Florete who advocates for play-learn activity wants to make learning as fun as play, thus, she opened Marbee Adventure.

While parents and guardians make their selves busy in buying some stuff, their kids also enjoy their own thing as they meet new friends and learn the values of waiting, sharing and listening, making learning cross all aspects – emotional, social and cognitive.

At Marbee Adventure, parents and guardians are assured that their children are in safe hands as its staff are all child experts who are trained to cater the needs of children. As a matter of fact, their staff are either teachers or Education graduates.

Florete noted that their personnel have undergone a seminar that made them understand the important role they play in every child’s development.

Aside from the child-friendly personnel, Marble Adventure also boasts its modern way of ensuring the child’s safety. The photo and fingerprint of the parent or guardian are taken upon entering the playground. These are being stored in a computer database so that only the parent or guardian who brought the child shall be the one to fetch him or her after playtime.

Moreover, the so-called “Adventure Guides” who are posting in identified stations namely, in the zipline, trampoline and swing to ensure that kids are in orderly manner and follow instructions so that everyone will enjoy their playtime.

So if you want your kids to enjoy fun learning activities without worrying their safety, Marbee Adventure is the place to be!

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