Summer trippin’ at Bulubadiangan Sandbar, Concepcion

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I really love the island's long white sandbar!

SUMMER is my favorite season of the year as it’s the time when I can go out, enjoy outdoor activities and travel with my friends to experience new kind of adventures.

I have heard so much about the beautiful beaches of Northern Iloilo – Isla de Gigantes, Sicogon Island, Agho Island, and a lot more. But due to hectic work schedule, my travel buddies who were also my former college classmates, can’t afford to go to these far flung islands. Therefore, we looked for a place in Northern Iloilo which is near - as we are only planning for a day tour - but offers almost the same summer experience as those islands I mentioned. And Sandbar Island Beach Resort in Sitio Bulubadiangan in Concepcion popped up.

Meet my travel buddies - (L-R) Richard, Glenda. Julie, Steph and Alyn.

Unlike Isla de Gigantes which is five to six hours pumpboat ride away, Bulubadiangan Island is very near the mainland of Concepcion town. It only took us 20 to 30 minutes to reach the island.

Ofcourse, I never missed the chance to get some tan lines which ended up to
painful sunburn. LOL

From Iloilo City, one can take a three-hour bus ride going to Concepcion, but if you are riding a private vehicle, you can make it within just two hours, depending on your driving speed, ofcourse.

The green mountains blend with the cool blue waters.

Upon reaching the town proper, tourists are required to directly go the Municipal Tourism Office located inside the market to register and pay the environmental fee worth P25. They can also assist you in getting a pumpboat going to the Sitio Bulubadiangan. Pumpboat ride which can accommodate five to ten people costs P1,500 back and forth.
The sandbar shifts from left to right depending on the wind's direction. Amazing!

Before embarking to the pumpboat, don’t forget to buy your personal needs, especially water as the island is very laid back that food and water supply is very minimal and there are no restaurants even eateries where you can buy food, though you can request the resort’s caretaker to cook the raw food you brought for a fee. However, it would be best if you prepare everything, including cooking materials.

Having fun with the fine white sand!

Fishing boats are also docking at the island early in the morning. They have fresh catches that you can buy.

Since drinking water in the island is scarce, they are selling it in a higher price. Water for cooking and bathing costs P20 per container as they are getting it from the neighboring island barangays.

For day tours, cottages are available for P400 to P800 that can accommodate 4 to 10 people. But we just chose to get a table under a tree beneath the shoreline as it is more open and we want open space for us to really enjoy the place.

The other side of the island is rocky and offers different kind of view.

If you are planning an overnight stay, there are also some semi-open cottages that ranges from P1,000 to P1,500 per night and can accommodate five to eight people. However, take note that the electricity in the island is until 9 pm as the whole island is only powered by solar panels.

What is amazing about Bulubadiangan Sandbar is its natural beauty. Overlooking Mt. Manaphag of Pan de Azucar Island, this sandbar gives every visitor a picturesque view of blue waters meeting the green mountains.

The sandbar also shifts direction as it follows the wind’s direction. Thus, you may see it heading to different directions from time to time. The pristine waters lets you enjoy your beach activities such as swimming, snorkelling and fishing, while its fine sand entices you to lay down and get some tan lines for souvenir.

I just find this rock giant perfect for this pose. LOL

Since the island is isolated, one can really communion with nature and have a relaxing staycation. You won’t mind its being laid back as the view of the sandbar itself lets you forget about your stressful work and instead gives you the chance to unwind and enjoy the summer sun.

For inquiries, contact Sandbar Beach Resort through these numbers: 0948-705-5123 / 0906-819-7516.

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  1. Is 1500 pesos pumpboat ride one way or two way? By the way great post!

    1. P1,500 is already for back and forth trip. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. the only option is to charter a boat? no commercial boat or maybe small boat lets say good for 3-4 person only?

    1. Yes, you really need to rent the boat as there are no commercial boats operating going to the island.