Afternoon merienda at Harbour City

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FOODIES in Iloilo will surely be delighted with Harbour City’s gastronomic offerings!

While it is known in serving the best-tasting Siomai in town, it has also other dishes perfect for snacks. To mention, its Shaopao and Noodles selections also make a good afternoon merienda.

For Siomai, Harbour City fuses this traditional Chinese dish with a modern twist. Topping the list are its Mushroom Shaomai and Quail’s Egg Shaomai which have been the best-sellers among the Ilonggos. 

The unique flavors of mushroom and quail’s egg perfectly fit Ilonggos’ discriminating palate. Other Siomai choices include the original Shaomai and Bacon Shaomai that one shouldn’t also miss to try. 

Just for a trivia, Harbour City’s Shaomai has been recognized as the Best Siomai in Cebu.
Mushroom Shaomai

Quail's Egg Shaomai

Meanwhile, for its Shaopao segment, diners can choose from traditional fillings of Pork Asado and Bola Bola. With its soft thin dough paired with these flavorful fillings, every bite will surely burst in your mouth. It has also Mini Pao for those who have small appetite or who wants to further enjoy their favorite Shaopao in small servings.

Pork Asado Shaopao

Complete your merienda meal by teaming up Shaomai and Shaopao segments with the restaurant’s Noodle offerings. 

Indulge to Harbour City’s Pancit Canton, Beef Sate Noodles and Wanton Noodles Soup while feeling the Chinese vibe of the restaurant. 

Further give in to its noodle soup specials – Lomi, Bird’s Nest Soup and Corn Soup – as you continue to content your craving tastebuds.

Pancit Canton


But wait, there’s more! Harbour City has a diverse menu that will awaken your inner Chinese palate. 

Ofcourse, its fried and steamed Dimsum is leading the blockbuster line-up. It's many to mention, but here’s the list: Chicken Feet, Empress Roll, Mandunggo (Beef Tripe), Pai Kuat (Teamed Pork Spareribs), Steamed Chicken, Steamed Hakao, Steamed Fish, Spring Rolls, Beef Spring Rolls, Crab Pincers, Stuffed Shrimps, Sweet and Sour Pork, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish, Shrimp Toast, Fried Shrimp Balls, Fried Wanton, Stuffed Taro, Garlic Pork Spareribs, Garlic Vegetables, and Vegetable Spring Rolls.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Shrimp Toast

Garlic Pork Spareribs

For rice meals, the restaurant’s flagship dishes are the Steamed Fried Rice, Beef Steak Rice, Yang Chow Fried Rice, and Stewed Pork Rice that have one thing in common – they are all satisfyingly delicious!

Beef Steak Rice

Steamed Fried Rice

For those who come in large groups, Harbour City has also prepared something special for you. Try out its Dimsum Experience which is overloaded with various fried and steamed Dimsum specialties or add Juicy Fried Chicken to your Chinese feast.

Xie Ping

In any food trip, always reserve space for desserts. And for Harbour City, here are the sweet ending that you may choose from – Buchi, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan, Choco Bavarian Crème, Mango Fruit Salad, Buko Fruit Salad, Coconut Cream, Lo Mai Chi, and Mango Custard. But for this summer, the restaurant’s version of Halo-Halo which they call Xie Ping, a Chinese Shaved Ice Dessert is selling like a hotcake. Well, it’s not surprising as this unique dessert is really perfect for the hot weather.


More than the best-tasting Chinese food that Harbour City serves, people always come back because of its very affordable prices compared to other fine dining Chinese restaurants in the metro.

As a casual Chinese restaurant, Harbour City brings its diners to Hong Kong everyday as it offers the widest range of food choices that readily serves in wheels straight to customers’ table-sides for convenient and fast selection.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo Northwing, the Harbour City here opened December last year, making it as the restaurant’s fourth branch. It has four other branches in Cebu where it started in 1960s and another one in Mindanao.

So, if you’re looking for affordable Chinese food served in a casual setup at any time of the day, there’s no other place to go other than Harbour City at SM City Iloilo.

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