Bright Life Praxis: Knowing finances and investments in a fun way

5/04/2016 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Meet Praxis, a board game that teaches the players how to invest wisely.

Finances and investments are mind-boggling topics for most of us. Aside from compelling us to make the right decision to grow our resources, it also requires deep understanding about money, economy and business.

Personally, I find it hard to understand financial and investment topics. Though I already encountered a lot as a Business Writer, hearing business terms still gives me a headache.

As part of its financial literacy advocacy, Sun Life Financial Philippines introduced “Bright Life Praxis”, a board game designed to make financial education interactive and fun.

The players have to undergo series of real life events in a given
economic cycle.

It is almost similar to “Snakes and Ladders” as the player’s fate depends on every dice roll. The difference is that “Bright Life Praxis” involves money matters, investment opportunities, financial products, particular life events, and economic cycles.

It ignites money talks as the players get to experience real life events such as getting a promotion, losing a job, being sick, and having a vacation. All of these let the players make sound financial decisions given the different economic conditions.

The players can invest in various financial products depending on their resources.

As a millennial, handling my own finances is always a challenge. I admit that though I always weigh in my needs over wants, I still end up making a bad decision most of the time. “Bright Life Praxis” helped me understand financial management more as it tackles almost all financial process from simple  budgeting and saving to complex stock investments and protection planning through the help of Praxis-accredited Game Masters.

Unlike other games, the winners of the “Bright Life Praxis” are not determined on who among the players reached the finish line. Instead, the player who has the most number of money and investments shall be declared as the winner.

These play money are used to buy investment products.

Sun Life is the first company to bring the said innovative game in the Philippines and I feel so lucky to be one of those who were given the chance to play it.

Though I didn’t win the game, I still feel like a winner as I have now a better understanding of different financial instruments and how it will help me survive upon facing personal and economic challenges to achieve financial freedom.

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