Greenwhich makes summer supremely cheesy

5/03/2016 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

The newly-improved Greenwhich Lasagna Supreme

Greenwhich just made summer meaty and cheesy as it recently launched its newly-improved Lasagna Supreme!

Now becomes even cheesier and meatier, the new Greenwhich Lasagna Supreme surely gives every barkada enjoy their food trips while having some fun activities under the sun or even while taking a quick road trip to their favorite summer destinations.

Hawaiian Lemon Slush

To perfectly celebrate the hot summer weather, Greenwhich has also launched a new summer drink that will surely quench your thirst. The new Hawaiian Lemon Slush gives every drinker a refreshing splash of summer flavors. 

Ofcourse, its house specialties, Hawaiian Overload and Pizza Ultimate Overload as well as its all-time favorite Wacky Wings and Cheesy Bread Sticks shouldn't be missed out to fully enjoy a one-of-a-kind barkada summer treat! 

Hawaiian Overload

Pizza Ultimate Overload

Cheesy Bread Sticks

Wacky Wings

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