Oishi Batchoi gives Ilonggo favorite a Japanese twist

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Oishi Batchoi held its ceremonial grand opening on May 27.

BATCHOY is a byword for Iloilo City. It is the probably the most popular Ilonggo native dish that every tourist wants to try everytime they visit the City of Love.

Originated in La Paz, Batchoy earned the attention of the many because of its flavorful soup patterned from Ilonggos’ delicate tastebuds. Now, Iloilo’s very own Batchoy has given new twist as Oishi Batchoi, a well-loved Batchoy with a Japanese twist, opened its second branch here.

Mr. Joey Garcia

Chef Benjie-San

Me with Chef Benjie-San and Panay News Account Executive Roanie Dunggon
after a fun interview about the restaurant's humble beginning.

Oishi Batchoi is the brainchild of Chef Benjie Garcia who has innate love both for Batchoy and Japanese food.
Chef Benjie-San shows me how to eat Oishi Batchoi using
chopstick... Challenging! LOL

Chef Benjie-San, as what he is fondly called, used to work in Japan as an Executive Chef for more than 20 years. With his passion in cooking, he dreamed of opening his own restaurant where he can practice his expertise in preparing exquisite food by fusing different kinds of flavors to form a new product. And Oishi Batchoi made that dream possible.


Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy and Japan’s Ramen soup are using almost the same cooking technique. They both use broth out of boiling pork, chicken or beef bone for long hours. Just like La Paz Batchoy, Ramen soup can be also added with salt (Shio) or soy sauce (Shoyu) to make it more flavorful. However, the most popular condiment for Ramen is the Miso or soy bean paste which has also a lot of health benefits.

There is a very thin line that divides the two dishes and that was what Chef Benjie-San discovered, leading him to perfect his very own Oishi Batchoi.

To give tribute to the original La Paz Batchoy, he maintained the authentic sweet savory taste of the said dish by flaring it with the usual pork liver, crushed pork cracklings or chicharon, and fresh egg. But instead of ordinary pork, he topped it with Chasyu or Roast Pork with Naruto or Fish Cake which completed the Japanese twist of the dish.
Oishi Miso Batchoi (P175)

The fusion of flavors were even intensified as the dish was made healthier with Miso and Black Garlic Oil which have both their respective health wonders.

Miso helps prevent gastric disorders, provides protective action for stomach lining and slows down aging process, among others. On the other hand, Black Garlic Oil is believed to lower cholesterol level, decreases the risk of cancer, and protects one from diseases and infections.

To further give its diners unforgettable dining experience, Oishi Batchoi is making their own egg noodles, instead of using ordinary ones. Thus, one can taste only the freshest and best-tasting Batchoy made even special by its Japanese twist.


Oishi is a Japanese term for delicious. And this is also the word that best describes the dishes at Oishi Batchoi. To note, with its delectable offerings, the business has become successful after a year of opening its first branch in Manila, leading it to expand in Visayas area with its newly-opened branches here in Iloilo and soon in Bacolod.

Aside from the Oishi Miso Batchoi, the restaurant also offers other variants of the said unique noodle soup. These include the Spicy Miso Batchoi, Seafoods Miso Batchoi, Moringa Batchoi, and Super Batchoi which are all inspired by Iloilo’s native soup.

Moringa Batchoi

Seafoods Miso Batchoi (P205)

Since Chef Benjie San’s expertise is on preparing Japanese food, he lets everyone taste his creations with the restaurant’s wide choices of Japanese menu.

Starting it off is Oishi Batchoi’s appetizers which include the Age Tofu, Salmon Koroke, Buta Yaki Niku, Gyoza and Ebi Tempura.

8 pcs, Gyoza (P130)

3 pcs. Ebi Tempura (P215)

For rice meals, one can indulge to its Katsudon, Buta Don, Gyudon, Gomoku Chahan, Salmon Chahan and Chahan.

Katsudon (P195)

Give your Japanese palate a delightful treat with Oishi Batchoi’s main courses – Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teppanyaki, Gomoku Umami, and Chicken Platter.

Complete the Japanese feast by giving in to the restaurant’s maki and salad specialties. Choose from California Maki, Crunchy Maki, Beef Maki, Chicken Maki, Rainbow Maki, Kaizen Salad, Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, and Kani Salad.

Rainbow Maki Roll (P195)

California Maki (P90)

Crunchy Maki (P99)

Kani Salad (P125)

Kaizen Salad (P185)

With those vast Japanese food options, one will surely say “Oishi”! As it gives Iloilo’s very own Batchoy a delectable twist, Oishi Batchoi also makes sure that its authenticity will still linger to the tastebuds of every diner.

Visit Oishi Batchoi at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo Northwing and try its unique signature dishes.

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