Sentiments of an undecided millennial voter

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Who among them will win the crown?
We can never tell but I hope that the winner will rightfully reign.
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MAY 9, 2016 will be no ordinary day for the Filipino people. It will be the day that we will be choosing our next set of leaders. The judgment day for all those who are joining in this year’s edition of political marathon. Election Day is getting closer but I still remain undecided who to vote among those who are running for positions, especially for President and Vice President.

I am a second-time national election voter. Honestly, the last time I exercised my right to suffrage, I cannot remember who I voted for President and Vice President. I don’t know what’s running on my mind while I’m shading my ballot that time. But this time, I’ll make sure that I will be voting wisely. That’s why I remain undecided. I want the best option and not the option out of no option.

The past few weeks, my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds have been flooded with various political views of people defending their respective bets. I respect their right to air their thoughts over social media, but I find it disrespectful and unethical to argue people online just because of varying opinions.

I seldom post status about politics on my timeline as I am not really into it. I can still remember when I was in elementary, my teacher asked me to describe politics in one word. I said “dirty” as it was the first word that pops up in my mind. And yes, I consider it dirty until now, not because of the unending issues over government officials, but it is how I perceive the whole concept of the said word in general.

As a millennial, I find it hard to decide in choosing my president (and in other things as well). Political debates and election surveys have been very helpful for voters to decide, but for me, it adds to my confusion. I have a very basic knowledge of Philippine governance. I am so tired of hearing government officials fighting over certain issues like poverty and corruption. But one thing is clear for now - I want positive change.

I just hope that my fellow millennials are not like me – confused and undecided. According to a report, Comelec data shows that the youth (18 to 35 years old) is a vote-rich sector comprising about 37 percent or 20 million of the 54 to 55 million voters seen to participate in the 2016 National Elections.

I may not be in the position to say this, but I think Filipinos nowadays deserve a better Philippines – a country that can stand on its own with people uniting in one mission of improving their own lives. However, I think that it will be in a long run. And I want to spark change by choosing the right leaders.

Yes, change starts with us. We have the power to make things better, to make our lives better, to make our country better. Almost all – if not all - of the political candidates promise change as their platform of governance. But the real question is, what kind of change are they going to bring?

I might be undecided for now. But for sure, when I’m already inside the voting precinct, my conscience will dictate me whose circle I will shade.

Our single vote will determine our future as a country. I fervently hope that as I exercise my right to suffrage, our country’s sufferings would end, too.

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