What's cooking at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt?

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SM City Iloilo Foodcourt has everything that you crave for!

While the Food Hall at the New Wing of SM City Iloilo offers diverse selection of international cuisine, the Foodcourt at the other side of the mall pays tribute to the Ilonggos' discriminating local palate. Give your tastebuds a delightful treat while indulging to a wide selection of food offerings.

You will surely forget that you are on diet once you step on the SM City Foodcourt. The smell of good food lingers in every corner and entices everyone to take a break from malling and dig in to the food kiosks' various offerings.

While the other restaurants are filled with people during lunch and dinner, the Foodcourt bustles with diners at any time of the day. It's because it offers all sorts of food perfect for every meal. From appetizers, main courses, and desserts, down to picka-picka and snacks. But the local dishes that most of the kiosks offer are among the best-sellers in the Foodcourt.

I have been a mall goer of SM City Iloilo for quite a long time and I always eat at the Foodcourt, but unfortunately, I haven't fully explored its offerings yet. Good thing, SM City Iloilo invited me to a food tasting event with my fellow Ilonggo bloggers and ofcourse, I tasted everything! Yes, everything that they offered.

To give  you a glimpse on how I satisfied my gluttonous cravings, here are some of the food offerings that could be found at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt.  

Grilled Blue Marlin by Ocean City

Ox Tongue Estofado by Ocean City

Beef with Broccoli by Ocean City

Tempura by Wild Bamboo

KBL by Casa Ilongga

Hawaiian Pizza by Pizza Hut

Three Cheese Bacon by Pizza Hut

Bacon, Crab, Ham and Meatballs and Egg by Mon's Takuyaki

Mixed Maki and Sushi by Yakushii

Double Decker by Sizzling Plate

Honey Glazed Porkshop by Sizzling Plate

Pork Steak by Sizzling Plate

Creamy Pesto with Chicken by Spaghetti Craving

Creamy Herb with Garlic Shrimpp by Spaghetti Craving

Mom's Original Spaghetti by Spaghetti Craving

Cheesy Meaty Macaroni by Spaghetti Craving

Batchoy by Casa Ilongga

Suman by Sabor Ilonggo

Suman Latik by Sabor Ilonggo

Chicken Teriyaki by Wild Bamboo

Grilled Liempo by Reyes Barbecue

Grilled Chiken by Reyes Barbecue

Rice Cake by Mr. Kimbob

Kimbob by Mr. Kimbob

Wasabi and Cheese by Potato Corner

Sour Cheese, Barbecue and Sweet Corn by Potato Corner

Fish Sinigang by Breakthrough

Aligi Rice by Breakthrough

Sizzling Crabmeat by Breakthrough

Halo Halo by Buko ni Fruitas

Chicken Joy with Jolly Spaghetti by Jollibee

Fruit Salad by Thirsty

Chicken and Pork Barbecue by Lechon Haus

 With these diverse food offerings, I can truly say that SM got it all for me!

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