Oh my gosh! It's Nogas!

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Clear waters, white sand, untouched beauty - what else can you ask for?

Before summer finally bids goodbye, I and my friends decided to have our "huling hataw sa tag-araw" in an island somewhere in Anini-y, Antique called Nogas.

Nogas didn't come from the phrase "no gas" or the absence of gas, as what others would think. Manong John, the caretaker of the island explained that its name rooted from a legend transferred from one generation to another.

He said that Nogas is a young man who fell in love with a girl named Anini-y. A mermaid helped Nogas to win Anini-y's heart but in return, he has to invite the mermaid to attend their wedding. However, they failed to do so and as a consequence, the mermaid became angry to the couple.

One day, while traversing the sea, the couple's boat capsized by big waves summoned by the enraged mermaid. After the accident, the couple is nowhere to be found but a white sand full of mangroves appeared on the spot where Nogas and Anini-y were last seen. Later on, the white sand was formed into a beautiful island and was named after Nogas while the island across it was called Anini-y.

The curse of the mermaid continues at this present time. The locals believe that the mystical character cursed the couple will never meet again just like the two islands separated by the vast sea.


If you are from Iloilo City,  just ride a Ceres bus from Molo Terminal enroute to Dao, Antique. Prepare yourself for a two-hour ride and tell the driver or the konduktor that you will be going to Siraan Hot Spring located in the town of  Anini-y.

Fare for non-aircon bus is only P86.00 (one way). It's not that far than I expected as we were still able to catch the 4 pm Ceres bus trip back to Iloilo City (we left Iloilo City at 6 am).

Once you arrive at Siraan Hot Spring, go directly to the front desk and tell the in-charge that you will be going to Nogas Island. They will ask you to pay P20.00 for the environmental fee and assist you in getting a pumpboat going to Nogas Island.

While waiting for the pumpboat, you can roam around Siraan Hot Spring as it has also a nice view of the deep blue sea. But the best parts of this resort are its hot spring pools that have sulfuric waters. 

You can also buy food and water in the resort's in-house restaurant as water is a bit pricey in Nogas and the sole small store in the island doesn't sell food except from some chips.

After buying some food at Siraan Hot Spring, here we are now docked on a small pumpboat ready for our Nogas Island adventure. 


Nogas Island is just about 10 minutes pumpboat ride away from Siraan Hot Spring. You can charter a pumpboat which can accommodate up to five persons for only P500 - that's for back and forth already.

When you arrive at Nogas Island, immediately look for Manong John (though he wanted to be called as Sir John), the caretaker of the island. He welcomes every guest with his funny words of wisdom.
He is very entertaining and bubbly while he informs you in everything that you need to know - from the legend of the island, to the things to enjoy and must-see destinations in the island. He always says that when we need him, all we have to do is to call his name and he will be there! Oh, di ba?

There are a number of cottages in the island where visitors can stay. You can rent it for only P300.00 for the whole day. Manong John said that the rent goes to the provincial government as the island is being owned by the province. 

Tourists can also have a sleepover in the island as long as they sign a waiver available at the Anini-y Municipal Hall. However, Manong John said that only very few opt to spend a night in the island as aside from there are no rooms available for overnight stays (you need to bring a tent if you really want to), the mermaid who cursed Nogas and Anini-y appears to strangers at night - scary yet mysterious!

Well, we just had a day tour so we spent every second wisely. This is one of the most popular photo spots in Nogas Island. You cannot leave the island without having a photo opportunity with this beautiful pathway formed by Calachuchi trees. Actually, I imagine it like an aisle perfect as beach wedding venue. 

At the end of the Calachuci pathway, you will find the old lighthouse. It's not already functional but it is still sturdy. 

Actually, the lighthouse area is already off-limits but out of curiosity, we still climbed up its viewing deck. It is still worth the risk as from above you will see the untouched beauty of Nogas Island. But I'm not encouraging you to do the same - breaking rules out for an Instagram post is no good at all. LOL

A few steps away from the old lighthouse, you will find the 300-year-old Balete tree which also serves as another attraction in Nogas Island. Others find it scary, but for me, it is really beautiful. I like its big strong branches as I can do my diwata poses there (though my friends told me that I look like more a capre  than a diwata.. bullies).

The Calchuchi pathway, old lighthouse and 300-year-old Balete tree are nice but the best part for me is always the beach. 

The white sand, coral stones and pristine waters of Nogas Island are really enticing. The shallow water is a plus as you can enjoy swimming as much as you want though you can't really swim. Just make sure that your feet still touches the ground and be careful as there are some areas that has sharp coral stones.

This is nothing to do with the beach but this was also taken somewhere in Nogas
Island and I just found this photo perfect to cap this blog post..hehehe

Truly, Antique is a province where the mountains meet the sea. People who will visit here will enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you're up for a trek or for a dip, this province has a place for your nature adventure.

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