Bridal Shower at Spa Riviera

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The wannabe brides wearing their improvised bridal gowns.

Just in time for the month of weddings, Spa Riviera launched its Bridal Shower Package on June. It is its way of celebrating every girl's special life milestone before she finally say goodbye to singlehood.

Treat the single ladies in your circle and enjoy a fun and pampering Bridal Shower Party with Riviera's best-selling services.

The Bridal Shower Package is exclusively available at
Spa Riviera Jaro Branch

There are two packages to choose from: Package A includes manicure, body scrub and facial, while Package B includes foot scrub, facial and manicure.

Spa Riviera's Bridal Shower Package is good for 10 people for only P6,500 and exclusively available at its Jaro branch.

Ofcourse, a Bridal Shower Party will not be completed without the fun bridal game! My fellow bloggers, Nana Jover of and John Castigador of design a bridal gown made of tissue paper for Apple Ochon of in just five minutes.

And here's the final product! The lovely soon-to-be-bride wearing her tissue bridal gown. The bloggers' group won the game for this creative design.

A lovely table setup by Mrs. Wharton.

Cupcakes and cakes

Four-layer Chocolate Ganache

Red Velvet


Aside from the pampering services and fun games, Spa Riviera's Bridal Shower Package also includes complimentary cakes and pastries courtesy of Mrs. Wharton Pastries. You will surely enjoy its really delicious sweets that will make every moment of your party more unforgettable.

Anna Marie "Babes" Riviera Riviera-Wharton

Mrs. Wharton herself is inviting every bride-to-be to spend their last hurrah of being single at Spa Riviera. Have a relaxing Bridal Shower Party and treat your friends in a beautifying way before you finally tie a not with the man of your dreams.

For more details about this package, like Spa Riviera on Facebook.

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  1. Seems that you had an excellent party there. Well I am arranging my best friend’s wedding so searching for lovely Los angeles wedding venues. I need to find a spacious venue that can accommodate all her guests. Hope I will find best one soon.

    1. Oh! I would really love to recommend you this venue, but Spa Riviera is in Iloilo City, Philippines. :)

    2. Oh! I would really love to recommend you this venue, but Spa Riviera is in Iloilo City, Philippines. :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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