Southeast meets west in Seda Atria

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ILONGGOS will surely love Seda Atria more as it leveled up its gastronomic offerings, letting every diner taste diverse twists of flavors as it fuses southeast and west.

The hotel’s new Executive Sous Chef Shahab “Boo” Hesni recently showcased his own delightful creations which reflect Iloilo’s abundances and patterned from Ilonggos’ delicate taste.

With his years of experience working with big hotels both here and abroad, Chef Boo said that he is excited to share his expertise to his fellow Ilonggos and also happy to be back to the land where his passion all started.

An engineer by profession, Chef Boo became fascinated with food at an early age upon scanning his mother’s cookbook and affected by his grandmother’s passion over continental cuisine.

His culinary journey continued to shine when he took a full course in Culinary Academy in Metro Manila where he graduated top in Professional Culinary Arts with an Award of Distinction.

He was further exposed to international cuisine when he became part of Rixos Bab Al Bahr, a prestigious five star hotel resort in United Arab Emirates coastline facing the Persian Gulf.

It was in 2014 when he finally decided to go back to the Philippines and became part of a medium-sized hotel in Quezon City.

Now, he is back in Iloilo for good and ready to impart his culinary expertise through Seda Atria.

Here are the delightful menus that he recently showcased. He described it as “southeast meet west”.

The Soup

Pochero Amuse Bouche Soup

Chef Boo was inspired by Iloilo’s unstoppable growth and this menu best reflect it. It is his take of the popular Filipino dish Pochero as a soup with quick blanched veggies less the protein. He said that this menu is different from the usual but still maintained the classic taste of the dish that people want to savor.

“There is something that people always look forward to, but there is always that something they don’t want to change,” he explained.

The Appetizer

Tiger Prawn Salad with Season Garden Greens and Guava Vinaigrette

This dish is his way of showing the richness of seafood in Iloilo. The tiger prawn which is the main ingredient of the said dish is really abundant in the coastal areas of Iloilo and in neighboring provinces. I’m not a fan of vinaigrette but Chef Boo made me changed my decision with its guava vinaigrette made of guava jelly. Its sour and sweet flavors perfectly complement the fresh tiger prawns.

The Entrée

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roulade with Zucchini Bed, Rustic Herbed Mashed Potato and Mushroom Sauce

Chicken alone is boring. Therefore, Chef Boo made it something exciting. This dish is his personal take of the famous stuffed chicken. His version uses deboned chicken thigh rolled with bacon on the outside and cheese in the inside. The mashed potato on the side is the best for me.

The Dessert

White Chocolate Mousse with Flambèed Lakatan and Salted Caramel

Inspired by his love for Banana Caramel because of its bitter-sweet flavor, this dessert is truly unique. The chocolate mousse on the top gives the dessert light and flavorful start before reaching the Banana Caramel bed deep down. It is topped with a crispy molo ball skin, giving it an Ilonggo twist.

With his wide experience as in chef in international hotels, Chef Boo will truly give his fellow Ilonggos a new kind of dining experience. The flavorful twists of his delightful creations will surely bring you to places without leaving your tables.

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