What's new in 'Ang Kamalig Restaurant'?

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Ang Kamalig Restaurant recently launched its new dishes and ofcourse, I and my fellow Ilonggo food bloggers never missed the chance to try it all.

Ang Kamalig Restaurant is already known for its very Ilonggo dishes made even tasteful by its homey feel, perfect for family bonding moments. Whether with family members or friends, every diner will surely love the restaurant's new offerings.

Here are the new delightful addition to Ang Kamalig Restaurant's menu.

First on the list is Sizzling Kansi. The Kansi I know is in the form of a soup. It is the Ilonggo version of Beef Nilaga which is also a popular dish in Panay and Negros. Ang Kamalig Restaurant made it a sizzling platter with gravy, some veggies and ofcourse, tender beef.

Morcon is a popular Filipino dish. As a matter of fact, this dish is one of the table superstars in barrio fiestas. It is also a holiday dish usually served  during Christmas and New Year's eve. Made from meat roll usually stuffed with carrots, egg and sausage, Ang Kamalig Restaurant's version gave justice to the original recipe but has something that will really excite your palate. 

Another all-time Filipino favorite! Who will not give up to this delectable dish? I don't mind allergies (as long as I have anti-histamine with me..lol) just to have Sinigang na Hipon. Ang Kamalig Restaurant's take on this classic Pinoy dish never failed my expectation. It's the Sinigang that I am looking for! The sourness is just right, best paired with a steamy cup of rice.

Another hipon dish tempted me and as usual, I gave up. Who would not, if the aroma of fresh shrimps and garlic is calling you by name? Ang Kamalig Restaurant's Linusgusan Nga Hipon is indeed a must-try on its new menu. Made from the freshest shrimp sourced locally, this dish made me forget that I am allergic to crustaceans.

Bistek is the Filipino version of Beef Steak. Made from strips of beef tenderloin and saba topped with caramelized onions, Ang Kamalig Restaurant's take on this famous Filipino course got the right combination of sourness and saltiness.

Now, let's go to the best part of every food trip - desserts! This Maja Blanca brought back a lot of childhood memories. I used to buy this sort of kakanin during recess when I was still in elementary. Ang Kamalig Restaurant's Maja Blanca did not only gave me a throwback. It also brought me to heaven in every bite. Its creamy base and milky topping feel like heaven to me.

Summer isn't over yet! You can still enjoy the summer feels at Ang Kamalig Restaurant through its yummy Halo-Halo. I don't mind eating it on a rainy day as long as I have someone to share it with me. :)

Aside from the newly launched dishes, ofcourse, we never missed to try Ang Kamalig Restaurant's signature food offerings.

Crispy Pata

Pork Sisig

Our weekend food trip ended with these yummy desserts. I will never get tired of indulging to these sweet treats.

Buko Pandan with Ube Ice Cream

Molten Choco Cake

Black Sambo

Treat your Ilonggo palate with Ang Kamalig Restaurant's delightful offerings. Visit them at The Shops at Atria in San Rafel, Mandurriao.

To know more about its latest menu, click here.

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