5 reasons why you should play Pokèmon Go

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I’m sure everyone knows about Pokèmon Go, the latest mobile game app that hooks a lot of people nowadays.

If you see someone walking while looking at his phone - aside from texting - there’s a big possibility that he is searching for the nearby Pokèmon. If you see someone pointing his phone camera towards you, don’t dare to pose as I’m pretty much sure that he is just catching a wild Pokèmon.

I’m a fan of Pokèmon. I remember during my pre-teen days when this anime series becomes one of my weekend habits. And good thing I can still remember some of the names of the pocket monsters, the adventures of Ash, Misty and Brock, and the spiel of Jessy and James of Team Rocket until now.

When Pokèmon Go was officially launched in the Philippines, I was one of those who got really excited to finally experience how it is to be a Pokèmon trainer in real life. And while playing it, I realized a lot of things.

Some people might think that this game is somewhat nonsense. But for me, if you just play it in a right way, you will find it fun and entertaining. For the non-players, I am not forcing you to play this mobile game. But for the sake of appreciation, here are the top five reasons why you should play Pokèmon Go.

There are areas which have a lot of Pokestops and you have to walk over them
to get some free items.

1. Players are compelled to exercise

In Pokèmon Go, players are compelled to exercise by walking. Walking a minimum distance of two kilometers is required in order for you to hatch a Pokèmon egg. There are also some eggs which require the players to walk five to ten kilometers. The longer the distance you take, the better Pokèmon you will get when the egg hatches. While walking, you can also catch some wild Pokèmons along the way. Aside from the fun that it brings, playing Pokèmon Go is also a good way of staying fit. Just be always aware of your surroundings while walking to avoid untoward accidents.

Pokestops are usually located in landmarks such as monuments, statues, churches,
parks and museums. 

2. It encourages players to visit landmarks and tourist spots

This is one of the features I like about Pokèmon Go. It encourages the players to become tourists and appreciate landmarks. The app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to detect the location of the players. Pokèstops are scattered in different areas in a certain place and most of these Pokèstops are located in landmarks such as monuments, statues, churches, parks and museums, among others. Pokèstops are where the players can get free items such as poke balls, potions, razz berries, incense and lure modules that they can use in catching pokèmons. So, this game also boosts tourism as visitors, especially Pokèmon Go players, get to know where to go.

This is sample of a gym where players can train their Pokemon
and fight in Pokemon battles.

3. Players get to meet new friends

Once the player reaches Level 5, they are allowed to choose which team they want to belong – Team Valor, Team Mystic or Team Instinct. Their teammates will serve as their allies who will help them defend their gym where their Pokèmons can be trained. Out of joining those teams, they can meet new friends either through personal interaction (when they meet at the designated gyms) or virtual communication (through social media groups). Some establishments, especially malls are also holding Pokèmon Go Lure Parties where Pokèmon players attend. It serves as a venue for them to also socialize and meet fellow Pokèmon trainers and teammates. I belong to Team Mystic and I got to meet some new friends who belong to the same team. Thanks to Pokèmon Go.

Pokemon Go always reminds the players to take extra care.

4. Players are reminded to keep safe always

When playing Pokèmon Go, safety is always the first priority. Upon opening the app, a precaution that says “Remember to stay alert all times. Stay aware of your surroundings” and “Do not trespass while playing Pokèmon Go.” These remind the players to always keep safe and not to become really focus on their phone screens while walking, especially along the busy streets. Pokèmons appear everywhere, but if you want to be alerted if there are Pokèmons around, just set your phone in silent mode. It will vibrate when a near wild pokèmon appears. Meanwhile, if the app detects that you are going too fast (as it only requires players to walk), it will remind you are beyond the speed limit and will let you clarify that you’re not driving and you’re just a passenger. Don’t forget to follow those safety tips if you want to have a fun Pokèmon Go experience.

The friendship that ties Pikachu and Ash is worth emulating in real life. 

5. It teaches players to become caring

Pokèmons are like virtual pets. Players catch them in the wild and train them for them to evolve and become stronger. But more than training, Pokèmon Go players are being taught the value of being caring. I like the line in Pokèmon theme song which says, “Pokèmon, oh you’re my bestfriend in a word we must defend.” This line tells so much about friendship and how the trainer cares about his Pokèmon. It is truly an amazing relationship worth emulating in real life.

Pokèmon Go is not all about “cathing ‘em all”. It also has some benefits more than the entertainment that it brings. This mobile app game is not purely for fun. It has some valuable benefits if we will just play it at the right place and at the right time.

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