The Ruf Resto Bar: Cozy ambiance, yummy dishes

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The Ruf Resto Bar is literally located at the roof deck of Ferra Hotel Boracay. At day, it is perfect for sight viewing while at night, it is transformed into a cozy resto bar offering diverse food and drinks.

Boracay is home to its world-renowned white sand beaches, but every vacation will not be completed without trying out the best gastronomic attractions of every place. Beachfront restaurants are too mainstream. Thus, whenever I am in Boracay, I always try something new that will give me a whole new kind of experience other than its usual beach side restos.

Since I stayed at Ferra Hotel Boracay during my Boracay vacation last month, I and some of my blogger friends tried out The Ruf Resto Bar's gastronomic wonders.

Here are the yummy dishes that we digged in during our dinner at The Ruf Resto Bar.

This Mushroom on Toast started our dinner right. It has the perfect mix of flavors that warmed up our palate for a great indulgence. The cherry tomatoes on top and cashew nuts on the side complement every flavor.

One of my top favorites is the Vietnamese Wings. It has a perfect blend of sweetness and flavorful chicken wings that suit the Asian tastebuds.

An Indonesian dish, The Ruf Resto Bar's take on Nasi Goreng will  surely make every diner say "kanin palang, ulam na!" I personally love the perfectly cooked sunny sideup on top while the mix of flavors of herbs and spices will make you crave for more carbs.

Satay is another Indonesian dish. While the original dish usually uses pork, The Ruf Resto Bar's version is a mix of pork, chicken, tuna and shrimp. The peanut sauce also brings the dish to the next level.

Back Ribs will always be my all-time favorite. Good thing The Ruf Resto Bar has Grilled Baby Pork Ribs. My cravings for this classic dish was greatly satisfied. 

A celebratory dish, The Ruf Resto Bar's Half Glazed Chicken completed our overloaded dinner. The sweetness is just right and the glazed sauce made me drool... Yummmmm!

The Ruf Resto Bar is located at the roofdeck of Ferra Hotel Boracay in Bulabog, Balabag, Malay, Aklan.

To know more about its other yummy offerings, visit its official Facebook Page: The Ruf Resto Bar or call 0917 680 9140.

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