Ilonggo youth orgs address public schools challenges

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The youth organzations, university representatives,
and the Greenwich Aralkada Team.

Carefree, outspoken and adventurous. These are the characteristics mostly associated with the millennials of today as they love to spend time with their friends and achieve their "barkada goals".

While others go on some fun adventures, satisfy their wanderlust and embody their YOLO motto, others would rather go on a different trip and achieve their "barkada goals" by helping others and make a change.

With its aim of recognizing the youth organizations with noble causes, Greenwhich initiated a project called Aralkada.

Seven Ilonggo school-based youth organizations were honored during the culmination activity of Greenwich Aralkada here on Oct. 25.

Showcasing friendship and bonding formed at Greenwich Aralkada
in Iloilo. Representatives from the seven (7) youth organizations
perform their closing number together.

The seven youth organizations which became the beneficiaries of Greenwich Aralkada were the Community Extension Club (COMEX) and HRM, Tourism and Nutrition Council (HTNC) of St. Paul University Iloilo; Lapis Guild and Green Team of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU); Environmental Club, College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council (CEASCILM) and TECHNOVATOR of Iloilo Science and Technology University.

Each youth organization presented the various initiatives that they have implemented to address the challenges that public schools are facing.

Youth organizations share their Greenwich Aralkada story
in a unique, creative, and engaging way.

Public schools from Leon, Molo, Barotac Viejo and San Rafael benefited from the projects of the said youth organizations which are focused on four areas of functional literacy – English and Filipino, Science and Math.

Greenwich funded the projects of the seven youth organizations as each of them received P50,000 cash grant to help them materialize their innovative solutions within six months.

St. Paul Iloilo Youth Organizations, Sr. Nicole De Marie Dabalus SPC (VP for
Christian Formation of SPU), Sr. Mila Grace Silab SPC (St. Paul Iloilo President),
with the Greenwich Aralkada Team

In addition, representatives from the selected youth organizations also got the chance to be part The Ultimate Aralkada Youth Camp and went through a series of workshops which further improved their knowledge and skills in implementing their respective projects.

“No act is too small to help improve lives of people.
Especially acts that come from the heart,” shares
Cookie T. Cabrera, Greenwich Digital,
Public Relations, and Corporate Affairs Head, as she
speaks about the spirit behind Greenwich Aralkada.

Greenwich public relations and corporate affairs head Cookie T. Cabrera is happy to see the positive outcomes of the Aralkada.

“Greenwich Aralkada clearly shows that Iloilo’s youth is involved in the society and eager to make a difference. In this case, their brilliant ideas to help improve function literacy in elementary schools have made a difference in the lives of each student they have encountered,” she said.

Pam E. Reyes, Greenwich Marketing Head, welcomes the guests
of the Greenwich Aralkada Grand Celebration held in
Nelly Garden, Jaro Iloilo and briefly talks about the Greenwich Aralkada journey. 

Meanwhile, Greenwich marketing head Pamela E. Reyes added that through Greenwich Aralkada, they were able to give friendship a deeper meaning.

“As Greenwich is a brand that fosters friendship and bonding, we ensured that as they went through this meaningful project, they also get to experience fun with their team mates. We wanted to add a deeper dimension to friendships and we believe Aralkada did just that among the members of the youth organization.”

Aralkada is an initiative spearheaded by the country’s favorite pizza and pasta chain, Greenwhich together with Jollibee Group Foundation which aims to engage the youth in developing innovative solutions to public education challenges by instilling the spirit of barkadahan.

The project further aims to inspire and engage youth by giving them the venue to help their fellow youth in a way they can while still promoting the values of sharing and bonding.

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