Haunted Halloween Feast at The Promenade

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It's still early for Christmas, but it's never too late for Halloween. While households prepare different kakanins like suman, valenciana, kalamay, pitse-pitse, sapin-sapin, bibingka and others, The Promenade at Days Hotel treated their patrons with a spooky buffet before everyone gets busy for the days of the saints and souls.

I actually had a hard time choosing what to eat first as everything seems pleasing to my sight. But I chose Valak's Eyes as it struck my curiosity (and because Valak is one of my favorite horror movie characters..lol).

Valak's Eyes

Yet, aside from Valak's Eyes, here are other Halloween-themed desserts which I really enjoyed because of their very cute presentations and ofcourse, heavenly taste:

Halloween Cake Pops

Mummy Cupcakes

Spider's Den Torte

Crooked Man's Face

Poltergeist Pannacotta

Green Blob Jelly

Brainy Mousse

Spider Web Cookies

Bat Cupcakes

Heaven and Hell Cake

Conjuring Fruit Medley

Vanilla Creme Boo-Lee

Insidious Pudding

I wasn't tricked! These desserts are really the treat that I deserve. The presentation speaks for itself. They are not only pleasing to the eyes. They, too are delish. I swear!

Other than these sweet treats, The Promenade's Haunted Halloween Feast has also featured Halloween drinks to pair up its wide ranging menu.

Ghastly Glycol Punch

Vampire's Kiss

The Promenade has the best buffet in town. More than the many choices it offers, the taste of their food really sets them apart. To tease you more, here are some of the dishes available in their buffet on ordinary days.

More great tasting food are coming up in the next month as The Promenade will feature another set of buffet dishes in line with the Christmas season. Watch out for it and greet the Yuletide season with a happy tummy!

To know more about The Promenade's latest offerings, like their Facebook page, The Promenade at Days Hotel or visit their website www.dayshotel.com.ph.

For inquiries and reservations, contact (033) 337-3297 / (033) 336-8801 to 05 or mobile number 0917-700-3297 / 0999-887-3297.

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