Steak galore at Jamie's Steak Room

11/25/2016 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Jamie's Steak Room is another new food haven in Iloilo. Located at the second floor of the newly-opened SM Southpoint, this steak house offers variety of steak dishes perfect at reasonable prices.

But before we dig in to its delicious offerings, let us first have a glimpse of its cozy interiors. The restaurant has a minimalist setup, thus, giving the customers more reason to dine.

Now, here are some of the recommended dishes as steaks that you should try at Jamie's Steak Room:

Ham and Cheese Croquettes is a good way to kick-off your meaty meal. These bite-sized ham and cheese balls make perfect as starter for a sumptuous banquet.

Waldorf Kani Salad is one of my all-time favorites. The crab strips and the dressing always make it special for me.

Southern Chicken Salad has also a special space in my heart and tummy. The chicken strips are my loves. The egg completes its farm-ish taste while the sauce makes the combo perfect.

This Shrimp in Lemon Butter has become even tastier with the special sauce which complements the shrimp which is the main ingredient of the dish.

Sparkling Water is a refreshing intermission to a great indulgence. It has a mix of sliced fresh fruits that adds flavor to this special refreshment.

Steak Diane suits those who are on a budget. For only P280, you can already enjoy a good tasting taste served with Spaghetti Napoletana on the side.

Jamie's US Prime Ribeye Steak is a sure winner to anyone who tastes it. The flavor of the meat is the one that I am looking for. The mashed potato is already good on its own.


End your steak craving with this Chocolate Indulgence. The chocolate cake topped with a slice of orange will already satisfy your tastebuds and the vanilla ice cream is the perfect partner for it.

The next time your steak cravings attack, you know where to go! Jamie's Steak Room is always ready to serve you the best steak in town.

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