PhilYes supports eCommerce Entrepreneurs Summit 2017

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Janette Toral-Ecommerce Advocate, Chris Guarin- VP for Marketing of PhilYes,
James Gatlabayan-Chief Technical Officer of PhilYes and
Rachel Tolentino-Chief Executive Officer of PhilYes and
Edrian Bautista- Ecommerce Student

The Philippines’ premier B2B platform, PhilYes, will be a gold sponsor in the upcoming eCommerce Entrepreneurs Summit. The summit will kick off on January 7, 2017 in Manila, January 14 in Cebu, online webcast on January 18, January 21 in Baguio; and January 28 in Davao.

PhilYes’ CEO, Rachel Tolentino, will be one of the resource speakers of the summit. She will talk about the advantages of online supply chain processes for Micro, Small & Medium enterprises (MSME), as well as the benefits of expanding market reach through an online B2B community.

“We are aligned with the Philippine government through the DTI. We’re working to empower micro, small & medium enterprises for the country’s 2020 eCommerce roadmap. We believe that an online presence for MSMEs isn’t just optional, but vital. PhilYes offers MSMEs the potential for exponential growth in the coming years, through sophisticated supply-chain management, and a legitimate community for online sellers, and buyers.” explains Tolentino.

The eCommerce Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 is a not-for-profit event led by Janette Toral. Part of the proceeds will fund the group’s eCommerce education drive for students and entrepreneurs. The event will cover the latest trends on eCommerce, online marketing and successful use cases of MSME’s who launched their eCommerce websites.

Last November, PhilYes formalized their partnership with eCommerce advocate Janette Toral. “PhilYes and Janette share the same vision we have for the MSMEs. We want the business owners to learn and embrace technology and use it to their advantage”, Tolentino said. For her part, Janette said “PhilYes is one of the few change-makers we have seen so far. I believe their boldness as a B2B online company will help shape the future of Philippine eCommerce.”

For more information about the event, visit or learn more about the PhilYes products and services, visit

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