Pro-Friends Iloilo’s Parc Regency Residences launches new campaign

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ProFriends Incorporated, one of the leading developers of quality homes in Iloilo has always been passionate in promoting close knit family ties. True to its vision of creating communities and transforming lives, Profriends relentlessly delivers quality dream homes to the Ilonggo families. These homes have made family members closer to each other, creating a happy community rooted in love and harmony.

Last November 25, 2016, Pro-Friends launched its newest campaign “Closeness Matters”. The campaign reflects how the Ilonggo family value closeness among family members and how proximity of one’s home helps strengthen valued relationships.

Closeness Among Family Members Matters

More than the sweet tone of the Hligaynon dialect and their innate hospitality to the visitors, Ilonggos are known to have very close family ties. Just like the typical Filipino family, Ilonggos value good relationship among the family members above all.

It is already part of the Ilonggo culture to always have good quality time with the whole family. This tradition is still present in the life of the modern Ilonggo family as they strive to make their aspirations a reality.

As Profriends continuously expand its horizons in Iloilo, it promises to maintain that strong bond in each Ilonggo family by providing a home where love and respect reign and a community where closeness really matters.

Within Close Proximity to What Matters

The “Closeness Matters” campaign also speaks true to Parc Regency Residences’ thrust of providing the needs and wants of their residents. The desire to spend less time travelling and more time family bonding.

The said community is strategically located near the schools, hospitals, church, police stations and other major establishments, making it an ideal home for most Ilonggo families.

To note, Parc Regency Residences is near the Iloilo Airport and just a few minutes away from Iloilo City’s commercial hubs. Thus, families living in this community will have more time for their bonding moments. They don’t have to go far as well as everything they need that caters to their lifestyle is within close proximity.

With family being the most basic unit of society where social interactions begin and where the social attitude of family members are formed, Parc Regency Residences sets off on a mission to continuously provide a convenient living environment that unifies the multiple emotions of a family and turns these into a single outward expression of love.

Profriends continues to preserve precious relationships and make locations convenient because at Parc Regency Residences, Closeness Matters. 

For more information, visit Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas Facebook accounts. Also visit their websites and

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