Papa Vomito brings flavors of Colombia to Iloilo

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Iloilo is home to diverse flavors. With the discriminating taste of the Ilonggos, it's not surprising that the City of Love is now becoming known as one of the country's food capitals.

Even international flavors are now making its way to Iloilo's food scene, giving the visitors as well as the natives more gastronomic options to indulge and enjoy. Looks like Iloilo is hosting Ms. Universe with various restaurants represented by their respective international dishes competing on a tough battle of flavors.

Speaking about Ms. Universe, one of the countries that always make it to the final list, aside from the Philippines, ofcourse, is the pageant's first runner-up last year and 2nd runner-up this year, Colombia.

It's given that Colombia always stands out in the Ms. Universe competition with their stunning representatives. But too much about the beauties of Colombia. I am more interested in their gastronomic offerings which are now made closer to the Ilonggos through Papa Vomito.

Located in Jesena-Guzman Sts., Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Papa Vomito is the only Colombian restaurant in Iloilo. Others might think that the name of the restaurant is not appropriate for food. But for owners Rachelle and Daniel Date, it is the best description for Colombian food.

Rachelle and Daniel both love to travel and try the specialties of every country they visit. And out of the so many food they have tasted, it was in Colombia that they found the best ones. They said that Papa means potato and vomito obviously means vomit as the serving of the food in Colombia is so big that you will end up vomiting if you will try to finish it all in one meal (well, for the average appetite of most Filipinos).

Here are the must-tries in Papa Vomito's menu:

Hamburguesa Mundialistas

Papas Super Vomito

Perros Chili Con Carnne

Mazorca Sallchicha

Jugo de Hierbabuena

Agua Fresca

Papa Vomito will surely bring you to Colombia with these yummy dishes. Every ingredient makes the food flavorful, while the special sauces make the taste of the dishes more authentic.

Here is Papa Vomito's menu for your reference. :)

To help you out locate Papa Vomito, just look at this map.

Papa Vomito is open from Monday to Saturday, 3 pm to 9 pm. For inquiries, contact them at mobile number 0999-717-8027 or like their official Facebook page, Papa Vomito.

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