Label X: Unknown. Unsure. Unreal

6/25/2017 Randomly Candid 2 Comments

I can no longer remember the last time I composed a literary piece. But when I write, I always let all my feelings out as it serves as an extension of what I really feel. It's a way for me to reciprocate my emotions especially when I am hurt, sad and hopeless.


Affordable, delightful treats at The Groceteria by Dova

6/25/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

If you are looking for a food haven in Iloilo where you can indulge to wide choices of menu either for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or dinner, you've probably heard about Dova. While it is now a popular choice among both locals and visitors, Dova is now introducing another brand with another unique concept - The Groceteria.


Discovering the flavors of modern Iloilo at Punot

6/15/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Punot is one of the first local restaurants I featured (READ IT HERE) when I began blogging back in 2013. Offering the "Flavors of Modern Iloilo", this restaurant is a must-try for tourists and even to the returning Ilonggos who long for some Ilonggo dishes and comfort food.


Savoring the taste of London at Mrs. Wharton

6/06/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

I am a witness on how Mrs. Wharton became a success. From its humble mini cafe  at the lobby of Spa Riviera General Luna Branch serving mostly the spa's waiting clients, it now became one of the uprising local cafes in Iloilo.