Affordable, delightful treats at The Groceteria by Dova

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If you are looking for a food haven in Iloilo where you can indulge to wide choices of menu either for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or dinner, you've probably heard about Dova. While it is now a popular choice among both locals and visitors, Dova is now introducing another brand with another unique concept - The Groceteria.

The Groceteria by Dova is a grocery store (as you can just drop and buy) and a cafeteria (as you can indulge to a sumptuous meal anytime of the day) in one. Another brainchild of the brilliant Chef Miguel Cordova, this restaurant is serving ready-to-eat meals and all-day favorites at surprisingly affordable prices.

The Groceteria is situated beside Lapaz Plaza just across the road adjacent to the tennis court, the exact place where the first branch of Dova was located before it established a branch in Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao.

The Groceteria's ready-to-eat meals could be reheated for those who want to have it as their dine-in meal or have it as takeout for those who want to bring it home.

Among the bestsellers in its ready-to-eat meals include Callos, Lengua, Aligue, Fish Relleno, Sisig and Ginamos (shrimp paste).

The Groceteria's ready-to-eat meals.

More than its ready-to-eat meals, The Groceteria is proud of its in-house delightful treats. Here are some of the comfort food found in their menu.

Lest's kick-off this virtual gastronomic tour with the appetizers...

Quesdailla (P115)

House Cut Chips (P95)

Spinach Cheese Dip (P95)

Continue the indulgence to a bountiful meal with these healthy salads...

Mango Sesame Salad (P120)

Chicken Potato Salad (P120)

Smoked Bangus Caesar Salad (P120)
For the light eaters, you can just enjoy The Groceteria's Burgers and Sandwhiches which are also good as snack meals.

Chicken Ala King (P130)

Bacon Cheese Burger (P130)

Classic Burger with Coleslaw (P115)

The Groceteria gives you more options for snacks with these pasta and noodle choices...

Spaghetti Bolognese (P130)

Pancit Palabok (P130)

Bacon and Mushroom Alfredo (P130)

Spaghetti with Meatballs (P130)

Give in to your diet and declare cheat day as The Groceteria gives you more reasons to forget about your meal plan with these entrees.

Sisig Rice (P165)

Beef Bacon in Mushroom Sauce (P185)

BBQ Ribs (P185)

Chicken Kiev (P165)

Classic Fried Chicken (P175)

Honey Sesame Beef (P175)

Shawarma Bowl (P175)

Meatballs and Gravy (P150)

Country Fried Pork Chop in Creamy Sausage Gravy (P185)

Panko Breaded Fish Teriyaki (P165)
For those who are looking for an all-day breakfast food, here are The Groceteria's answer to your cravings...

Adobo Flakes (P125)
Longganisa (P125)

Sundried Beef Tapa (P125)

The Groceteria also got some interesting drinks to perfectly pair your great meal.

Lemonade (P45), House Brewed Iced Tead (P45), and Lemongrass and Calamansi Brew (P45)

The Groceteria does not only provide you comfort food and ready-to-eat meals at affordable prices. The restaurant also supports local farmers and suppliers as almost all of their ingredients are sourced locally. They are also selling some products such as dried fish, brown rice and organic produces from local suppliers.

Drop by The Groceteria and indulge to your favorite comfort food. Don't forget to share your experience on the comment box! :)

STORE HOURS: 9 am to 9 pm (daily)
TEL. NO.: (033) 503 3242

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