Label X: Unknown. Unsure. Unreal

6/25/2017 Randomly Candid 2 Comments

I can no longer remember the last time I composed a literary piece. But when I write, I always let all my feelings out as it serves as an extension of what I really feel. It's a way for me to reciprocate my emotions especially when I am hurt, sad and hopeless.

And here I am. I found myself in front of my computer opening my blog's dashboard and clicking "New Post" button. Thoughts flowed freely. Emotions poured intensely. I have just awakened the poet in me.

I made this piece not only for myself. This is also for everyone who had hopia moments. In other words, pinaasa, umasa at nasaktan dahil tanga.

This also goes to everyone who is hoping to something unsure but kept on hoping though they know that it is just a false hope from the very beginning.

This poem is also for those who became a victim of unlabelled relationships but slapped by the truth that it will not go anywhere, stopped hoping and finally decided to move on.

And the poem goes this way...

Label X

It's been so long since I last felt this - broken, unhappy and pained.
After all, it was only me who should be blamed.
I became a victim of my own trap 
when my assumptions never stopped.

I assumed. Yes, I did.
That's the greatest mistake I ever committed.
I was hoping that one day, it will go beyond what we have.
Beyond friendship. Maybe just beyond that.

Though unlabelled, I became happy.
No commitment, not official,
but I believe we have something mutual,
something special.

I took risk though there's no assurance.
I took risk in this one-sided romance.
I took risk hoping that one day, 
you will see my worth and importance.

From the very start, it was already clear
 that we are only until there.
But I continued hoping 
still unsure what the future will bring.

I gone tired and finally decided to take a rest.
It's now time to let go and clean the mess.
I woke up from the sad reality
that you and I are not really meant to be.

And now, I found our perfect label. 
A label that would remind me to always repel.
A label that tells me that I have to be sure on what I feel.
And I'm calling it Label X - unknown, unsure. unreal.

Share this to someone you know who can relate to what I've been through. We maybe hurt and broken but it's where we learn. The important thing is you already know what to do the next time you will be in the same scenario. Move on and be happy! :)

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