#SMSouthpointEats Series: Charcoal Boy's grilled and seafood offerings

8/31/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Ilonggos love to eat grilled food. That's why inasal and sinugba are always present in the menu of most local restaurants.


Adhara Boutique Resort: A romantic weekend escape by the sea

8/29/2017 Randomly Candid 2 Comments

Last year, I brought my parents to Boracay for a family weekend to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary (READ HERE). This year, they preferred to celebrate it in a place where they can be more relaxed, near and has a beautiful view of the beach.


Carlo's launches 'Big Loaf'

8/28/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

This August, Carlo’s Bakeshop launched Carlo’s Big Loaf as part of its anniversary celebration. 

Months of planning and testing the product has resulted to the new Carlo’s Big Loaf which is now available in leading supermarkets and suking tindahan near you.


Hey Sugar!: A sweet kinda pain

8/24/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Who says men don't need to thread their eyebrows? In this time when selfies need to be perfect, the expression "kilay is life" does not only apply to girls. Men also need to groom their eyebrows to look effortlessly good.


Nailaholics just nailed it!

8/22/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

I don't usually go to a nail salon just to have manicure and pedicure as I don't see the need to do it. I am not that really specific about my nails. As long as it's not long and dirty, it's okay with me. That's why I normally just cut it myself.


Filipino favorites with Kapampangan twist at Cabalen

8/21/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Pampanga is dubbed as the "Culinary Capital of the Philippines" because of the delectable local gastronomic attractions that could be found here. With the aim of spreading the popular Kapampangan flavors to the rest of the country, Cabalen was born.


Seda Atria's Managat Food Festival

8/21/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Sarting this August, Seda Atria is turning the spotlight to "managat" (mangrove jack), a breed of fish which was once a pest but now considered as one of the well-loved fishes of the foodies. 


#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Barista Grounds Fit Cafe: Healthy eats and more

8/15/2017 Randomly Candid 2 Comments

In this cafe, you can eat anything you want without worrying about your diet as everything served here are all healthy.


#SMSouthpointEats Series: Seize the day with a cup or two at Cafe Diem

8/15/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

There's a saying that "All you need is just a cup of coffee to seize the day." I may not be a hardcore coffee drinker, but I would like to believe in that saying as sometimes, coffee is the one that kicks off my day especially when at work.


#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Richmonde Hotel Iloilo's delightful treats

8/08/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

More than its international standard for accommodation, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is also known for its gastronomic offerings.


#SMSouthpointEats Series: Ramboy's: Aklan's Best Chicken and Liempo

8/07/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

There are already a lot of options when it comes to food in Iloilo City. With restaurants offering various kinds of menu and specialties, you will never run out of option.


Iron Grill: Grilling new flavors at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt

8/03/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

SM City Iloilo Foodcourt is a home to local flavors. It offers diverse options for both lutong bahay and fastfood menu.


Trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Gym Ni Juan

8/01/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

It was a rainy Saturday night when I, together with my blogger girl friends Nana Jover of A Not Secret Life, Apple Ochon of The Appletizer and Andrea Guanco of Feature Iloilo decided to pursue our long time plan of having a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) session at Gym Ni Juan.