#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Richmonde Hotel Iloilo's delightful treats

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More than its international standard for accommodation, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is also known for its gastronomic offerings.

Since Ilonggos are naturally born foodies, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo rightfully deserves the recognition as a haven of delightful treats.

Food lovers will be surely delighted by a wide selection of comfort food and gourmet dishes found at The Granary, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo's main restaurant which serves an array of mouthwatering international cuisines everyday from breakfast, lunch to dinner.

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo recently invited bloggers for a lunch treat at The Granary. We have tried their newest food offerings. And needless to say, these gourmet dishes excited our palate.

For you to also have a taste of The Granary's new offerings, here's a glimpse of these yummy dishes. Take a look and imagine how delectable they are.

We kicked off our bountiful lunch with an unusual appetizer. Sisig Wraps is a good starter as it warms up your palate with a unique taste. As what its name suggests, it is a deep-fried spring roll version of sisig, a nice take to the said well-loved Filipino appetizer. Sisig Wraps is best paired with sinamak, an Ilongo version of spiced vinegar. 

Cheese lovers will surely give this soup a two thumbs up. Gratineed French Onion Soup is topped with baked mozzarella cheese and Gruyere cheese. The beef broth perfectly complements the cheese toppings and will keep your tastebuds prepare for more indulgence.

Marinated Boneless Chicken might sound ordinary to you. But The Granary's take of this dish will change the way you taste boneless chicken. The secret is on the herbs and spices that were used to marinate it. To complete the experience, it is being served with buttered vegetable, calamansi herb and vinaigrette.

Salmon Papillote is another unique dish found at The Granary. This dish is made by wrapping the salmon in a parchment and bake it to perfection. It is my most favorite entree during the lunch as aside from I'm a fan of salmon, this dish got me feeling like I'm in an international fine dining restaurant.

Lechon Kawali is Filipino favorite and The Granary has made their own version of this popular dish to remind the diners that local dishes are still the best. Served with liver sauce and native pickled papaya on the side, this entree will surely make you ask for another cup of steaming rice.

We ended up our lunch with some sweets. And again, The Granary took it in a different level with their Deep Fried Ice Cream.  

After a fun catching up over great food and dining-conducive ambiance of The Granary, we finished everything at mid-afternoon just in time for the restaurant's "Afternoon Treat". 

Native Tsokolate from Cabatuan

Richmonde's Mini Ensaymada
For only P600 nett good for two, you can already enjoy the mini version of Richmonde's signature cheesy and buttery Ensaymada, other tasty canap├ęs and pastries and two cups of coffee, tea, or the hotel's native tsokolate from Cabatuan.

Enjoy these delightful treats and more at The Granary. They serve breakfast buffet daily for only P650 and dinner buffets every weekend for P950.

Indulge to a new kind of gastronomic adventure with The Granary's great offerings. It will surely bring you somewhere without leaving your table while finishing your plate.

INSTAGRAM: @richmonde.rhi
EMAIL: rhi@richmondehotel.com.ph
TEL. NO.: (033) 328-7888

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