Hey Sugar!: A sweet kinda pain

8/24/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Who says men don't need to thread their eyebrows? In this time when selfies need to be perfect, the expression "kilay is life" does not only apply to girls. Men also need to groom their eyebrows to look effortlessly good.

It was my first time to try eyebrow threading and I decided to have it at Hey Sugar! Honestly, I had second thoughts in doing it as I have a feeling that it will be very painful, especially to a first timer like me.

But for the sake of experience, I tried it. I was asked if I'm ready and I said yes. The first few plucks were a bit painful but just like other forms of pain, it becomes tolerable when you already get used to it.

With the help of the gentle hands of  Jinky who really knows how to divert my attention for me not to feel the pain, I survived my first ever eyebrow threading session. The organic thread she used is also a big help for me to have a smooth and less pain session.

Eyebrow threading is just the first round. Since I'm already there, I decided to try their face waxing service.

Since Hey Sugar! is pushing for organic and all natural way of grooming, they are using sugar wax which is better than commercial waxes that other salons use. Sugar wax removes the hair from the roots and soothes the skin afterwards, thus, it prevents the growth of ingrown hairs.

Face waxing is more painful than the eyebrow threading I had. But since I am not fond of shaving as I prefer using tweezers to remove my facial hair, the pain seems to be a normal feeling, thus, I was able to pass the challenge easily.

To maintain and complement the organic kind of grooming you will have at Hey Sugar!, they also have organic beauty products such as castor oil, sugar scrub, and body wash that you can purchase at the salon.

Threading and waxing might be a girl thing for some. But trust me, it takes a real man to endure the kind of pain that it can cause you. Yet, with Hey Sugar!, you will only experience the sweet kind of pain. 

And so, please pardon my shameless selfie after my eyebrow threading and face waxing sessions in this salon... LOL...

Hey Sugar! is located at the lower ground floor of SM City Iloilo, just beside Nailaholics. For complete list of waxing and threading services that Hey Sugar! offers, just visit their website or follow their official social media pages.

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