Iron Grill: Grilling new flavors at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt

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SM City Iloilo Foodcourt is a home to local flavors. It offers diverse options for both lutong bahay and fastfood menu.

As Iloilo's gastronomic scene prospers with the entry of various dining brands, SM City Iloilo Foodcourt remains to be one of the top options of the Ilonggos in terms of food selection.

And speaking about options, SM City Iloilo Foodcourt just added another option for diners. Grilling great food at budget-friendly prices, Iron Grill is the perfect choice for the Ilonggos who are lovers of grilled dishes. It carries an American concept mixed with local flavors to meet the discriminating Ilonggo taste.

To give you a hint of Iron Grill's menu, here are the must-tries.

Among the many choices in their menu, the Grilled Squid, Standing Rib Toast, Grilled Salmon and Cheesy Back Ribs are topping my list of favorites.

Grilled Squid (P158)

Of all seafood, squid has a special place in my tummy since I am allergic to crustaceans. I love Iron Grill's take of the traditional Grilled Squid as it was perfectly cooked - not well-done but not too raw.

Standing Rib Toast (P258)
Who would thought that you can't have steak n a foodcourt? Iron Grill brings the Standing Rib Toast at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt in a price you can't find in fine dining restaurants, yet with almost the same taste. Paired with Chimichurri Sauce, this grilled dish is really worth more than its price.

Grilled Salmon (P258)

Grilled Salmon might be too mainstream for some. Iron Grill make a little twist by topping it with herbs and parmesan and pairing it with sweet corn on the side.

Cheesy Back Ribs (P128)
The Cheesy Back Ribs is my Top 1 at Iron Grill. Topped with cheese and served with generous pieces of back ribs, you will never go wrong with this rice bowl. 
Aside from these dishes, Iron Grill has also other mouthwatering offerings that will surely satisfy your cravings for grilled food.

Fried Chicken with Spaghetti and Meat Balls (P99)

Beef Bowl

Buffalo Wings (P98)

Grilled Chicken Thigh (P108)
Hungarian Sausage (P128)

Pizza (P185)

Fried Chicken with Nachos (P95)  

Baked Oyster (P98)

Fried Chicken with Mojos (P98)
Cravings overly satisfied! We experienced food coma after finishing this feast of grilled goodness. Thanks to Ms. Lilac and Sir Jeff for letting us experience and taste Iron Grill!

Iron Grill owners Lilac Jean Orleans (4th from right) and Jeffrey Tio (3rd from right) with the Iloilo Bloggers. 
Visit Iron Grill at SM City Iloilo Food Court and fulfil your appetite for grilled food. For updates and promos, like their official Facebook Page, Iron Grill.

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