Seda Atria's Managat Food Festival

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Sarting this August, Seda Atria is turning the spotlight to "managat" (mangrove jack), a breed of fish which was once a pest but now considered as one of the well-loved fishes of the foodies. 

Though a bit pricey, managat has become one of the bestsellers in local restaurants as it can be cooked in any way you want it -  grilled (sinugba), fried or cooked in broth (sinabawan).

To highlight the gastronomic wonders of managat, Seda Atria is bringing it to Misto Restaurant starting August 15 to November 15 with "Managat Food Festival". 

Crafted by Seda Atria's culinary team headed by the award-winning Chef Albert Ledesma for the Ilonggo taste, managat was given eight different twists that will surely excite your craving palate.

Before its official launching, Seda Atria invited bloggers and media to have a preview of these managat dishes.

Here are the managat dishes that we have tasted which are now also available at Misto Restaurant.

Oven Baked Managat Papillote
Wrapped in parchment, this Oven Baked Managat Papillote reminds me of a gourmet food in a fine dining restaurant. Presentation wise, it is the most attractive among the managat dishes served.

Pan Fried Managat

Pan Fried Managat seems to be ordinary an ordinary dish, but it's not. Seda Atria's take of this managat dish is more special with the herbs and spices they used to highlight the taste of the fish.

Pan Seared Managat

Topped with kamote chips and garnished with blue tarnate, herbs and nuts, Pan Seared Managat is one of my favorites. The spices balance the flavors while the sauce completes one's gastronomic experience.

Sweet and Sour Managat

Sweet and Sour Managat is my most favorite among the managat dishes served. The combination of flavors are just right. It's really the sauce that made it a winner to me.

Managat Hot and Sour

If you want your managat to be spicy, the Managat Hot and Sour dish is the best option for you. The combination of spices will surely boost your appetite.

Charcoal Grilled Managat

One of the usual way of cooking managat, Seda Atria's version of Charcoal Grilled Managat was made special with pinakurat vinegar sauce and pickled papaya and green salad sidings.

Crispy Managat

Served with risotto, Crispy Managat is perfect for those who are watching their diet. It also comes with asparagus and carrots to complete the healthy meal.

Grilled Managat
Another traditional way of cooking managat, Grilled Managat is for those who want to just taste managat the way it is. It is also topped with kamote chips and served with vegetables and mushroom to give a little twist.

You can now enjoy these managat dishes at Seda Atria's Misto Restaurant for P499 nett. For inquiries, please call (033) 506 8888.

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