#SMSouthpointEats Series: Seize the day with a cup or two at Cafe Diem

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There's a saying that "All you need is just a cup of coffee to seize the day." I may not be a hardcore coffee drinker, but I would like to believe in that saying as sometimes, coffee is the one that kicks off my day especially when at work.

With the goal of helping people seize the day with a cup or two, Cafe Diem is a place where students can study to seize the day of exams and quizzes and yuppies to seize the day of meetings and deadlines.

Started in Miag-ao in 2014, Cafe Diem has become one of the favorite hangout places of the students of UP Miag-ao. With its success, Cafe Diem has expanded to reach more students, yuppies and coffee lovers with the opening of its second branch located at SM City Iloilo Southpoint just last year.

Potterheads will surely find a haven at Cafe Diem with its Harry Potter-themed interiors. They just made the dream of every Harry Potter fan a reality with this.

There are also a number of good books that you can read while you are having your coffee. This is also a good escape from reality especially when you are having coffee alone. Sounds sad, but it happens, right? :(

If you are not fond of reading, you can also write your thoughts about anything or even your hugots in life on a sticky note and leave it in this corner. For all you know, someone will be able to read it and join you on your next coffee at Cafe Diem.

But more than its cool interiors, Cafe Diem is well-loved by its customers, especially the millennials because of its wide selection of both hot and cold drinks. Here are the bestsellers:

Butter Beer

Peppermint Coffee

Oreo Obama

Banana Nutella

Hot Choco Obama

They also have options for nachos, pancake, pasta and pizza which are all good as afternoon snacks while beating deadlines or as light dinner in preparation for an all night long review marathon. 

Penne and Sausage

Chicken Alfredo

Linguine in Meat Sauce


Three Blind Mice

Aloha Mora


Belgian Waffle Choco Chip

It's ironic when sometimes, we do not know what to choose when in fact, we are given a lot of options. It is both applicable on love and even on food. And to answer the dilemma brought by that human nature, Cafe Diem came up with menu called "Undecided Menu" for those who cannot decide what to eat.

I tried the "I'm Not Sure", their take of the famous ribs, served with rice and corn on the side, and the "Ambot Ah!", deep fried chicken breast with cheese inside and comes with stir fried vegetables, rice and honey mustard dip. Both names of these dishes speak so much about the reason of my latest heartbreak - unlabelled, unknown,unsure and unreal kind of relationship. Ouch! :(

I'm Not Sure

Ikaw Lang Bahala

Going back to the food offerings of Cafe Diem, other names of the dishes included in the "Undecided Menu" are "Ikaw Lang Bahala", "Kung Ano Lang Da Ah, Basta!", "Depende Sa Imo", and "Busog Pa Ko". These are the common answers we have when asked on what we want to eat. Witty!

Cafe Diem has a lot of offerings for its patrons in the coming months. Like their official social media pages for promos and announcements.

INSTAGRAM: @cafediemsmiloilo
TEL. NO.: (033) 508-3436

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