#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Pizzaro: Oversized pizza and a lot more

9/25/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Pizzaro is known for its oversized pizza which is really perfect for the whole family or barkada. But more than that, it has become a byname for local pizza for most Ilonggos because of the popularity it earned over the years as a go-to place when looking for pizza.


#RandomlyCandid Giveaway: Win free flights from AirAsia

9/14/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

AirAsia is flying to Iloilo this October and to officially welcome them here, we are giving away free flights to our readers!


#FoodieLoveAtIBP: After-work sessions at Cable Car

9/11/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Who doesn't want to release some stress after a long day at the office? We sometimes need to have an after-work session to recharge.


#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Dulgies: A sweet indulgence

9/03/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Sweets are always my outlet when I am triggered by stress and everytime I feel blue. It gives me some happy hormones which help me think more creatively and positively. Good thing Iloilo has a lot to offer when it comes to sweet treats and one of them is Dulgies.


Dreamy, whimsical feels at SM Southpoint

9/01/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

There's no better way to end the week than having some relaxing time with family or friends in a place where you can chill out and grab some drink.