#FoodieLoveAtIBP: Dulgies: A sweet indulgence

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Sweets are always my outlet when I am triggered by stress and everytime I feel blue. It gives me some happy hormones which help me think more creatively and positively. Good thing Iloilo has a lot to offer when it comes to sweet treats and one of them is Dulgies.

Dulgies has been a byword for cakes and pastries for most Ilonggos. It is probably one of the first cakes shops in Iloilo which has become Ilonggos' favorite way back a few years ago.

Now, Dulgies is bringing back its glory with its new location and improved selection of food offerings which has now expanded to other merienda favorites aside from their signature cakes and pastries.

Dulgies has found a new home at The Festive Walk in Iloilo Business Park. I'm glad that they now have a bigger place with better ambiance. With this, their patrons can have a nice place to enjoy their favorites.

Few weeks ago, Iloilo Bloggers were invited to visit Dulgies' newest location. We tried the sweets that you miss and the new items added on their menu. Here are the food offerings that we have indulged at Dulgies.


Rainbow Confetti

Red Velvet Cake

Tres Leches

Milo Dinosaur

Mango Muffin

Strawberry Chessecake Cupcake

Heavenly Brownie

Banana Carrot Bread

Dulce de Leche Cupcake

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Flourless Cookie

Red Velvet Cupcake






Spicy Italian Sub

D' Club

Dulgies is now more than its sweet treats. It has also other food options that will surely give you another kind of gastronomic experience. Dulgies has also expanded its menu to coffee and other specialty drinks to further satisfy the cravings of their diners.

For the complete list of their menu and for more details and updates of their latest offerings, visit thei official social media pages.

STORE HOURS: 10 am to 10 pm
CONTACT NUMBER: (033) 338-3701
EMAIL ADDRESS: dulgiessweets@gmail.com

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