Findr App officially launched to Ilonggos

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Findr App Team with Morissette Amon and Angelia Ong

Online shopping is now part of people's modern lifestyle. Needless to say, it makes shopping easy, effortless and convenient. Now, this is made easier with mobile applications that let you browse the stuffs that you want to shop and even suggests where to eat, visit and stay in just one tap.

I have now 206 points! Add my DNA to experience Findr.

Last September 29, another breakthrough in mobile app was introduced to the Ilonggos. Called Findr, the said mobile app helps people find stores, restaurants, shops, hotels and other establishments that one can visit in a certain place.

Morisette Amon

Finddr brand ambassador Morissette Amon, GPS Tracking and Asset Management System president and CEO Salvador Silva III and Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong

The said launching event was held at the Grand Xing Imperial Hotel 360 Skyview. It was hosted by Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong and was attended by Ilonggo VIPs and local business owners who had a first hand experience of Findr app.

The event was highlighted by an amazing performance of Findr app brand ambassador Morissette Amon. Attendees also enjoyed lots of prizes and instant coupons while using Findr app.

GPS Tracking and Asset Management System president and CEO Salvador Silva 

Salvador Silva III, President and CEO of Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System, the developer of Findr, also explained to the attendees the benefits of having the app. He noted that Findr is a trendsetting mobile application that gives users the opportunity to dine, shop and unwind without spending much. The app is also perfect for visitors as it gives suggestions of various establishments where they can go to make the most of their visit.

Iloilo boggers with the man Salvador Silva III

Moreover, Findr aims to promote local businesses by giving them the spotlight. Through Findr as platform, partner merchants can post their latest deals or promos which users can collect and redeem at their stores.

At present, Findr has already a number of partner merchants in Iloilo. These include:

Great Peak Energy Gasoline Station

A toast for the successful launching of Findr in Iloilo.

Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation is an Ilonggo IT company with offices located in Singapore, Ortigas and Iloilo. Aside from Findr, the said company is also the developer of SafeSat Monitpring System, a service GPS based application which enables enterprise users monitor the vehicles in real time.


Findr users can earn points by inviting others to install the app and by sharing their DNA (Digital Name Assignment) ID. These earned points can then be used as payments to partner merchants. Yes, that's right! You don't need money to avail various products and services that you want.

Here's how Findr works:

STEP 1: Download Findr from Playstore or App Store and register to Findr using your Facebook account.

STEP 2: Enter your mobile number for conformation.

STEP 3: Enter the code sent to your mobile number.

STEP 4: Create your PIN.

STEP 5: You are done!

To know know more about Findr, visit their official social media accounts and website.


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