Flying with AirAsia for the first time

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Iloilo and Bacolod bloggers and media with AirAsia's cabin crew and pilots.

Before, travelling via airplane is a luxury for local travellers because of the expensive airfare. But now, flying from one destination to another is a usual option for most travellers with the affordable deals that airlines are offering. Others even lower the cost by less than P1,000 for a roundtrip ticket to local destinations.

Thanks to budget airlines that offer economic options for local travellers who love to explore and experience more of the country.

Speaking about budget airline, Ilonggos officially welcomed another airline known for its affordable airfare just recently. AirAsia painted the Iloilo sky red on October 1 as it flies to and from Iloilo and Manila thrice daily.

I was lucky to be chosen as one of the bloggers who joined AirAsia on its inaugural flight from Iloilo to Manila. It was my first time to fly with AirAsia and I must say, it was a remarkable one.

As a lifestyle blogger, out-of-town travels always excite me. More than the new places I get to visit and people I meet, it's still the experience that really counts the most. And part of that experience is the plane ride.

I usually go to the airport two hours before my flight (I strictly follow airport protocols) to avoid missing my flight and rushing to the counter. I'm one of the first to arrive at the airport among our group. So, while waiting for my fellow bloggers and media friends, I just enjoyed Iloilo International Airport's free internet connection which is undeniably fast and reliable.

And just right on time, our plane arrived. It was welcomed by a water salute as part of the inaugural flight ceremony.

We embarked the flight Z2 310 bound for Manila at around 3:30 pm as scheduled. Upon entering the plane, we were welcomed by the very accommodating cabin crew who wear their best smiles (a pleasant welcome to every passenger).

There are more or less 100 passengers on board the Airbus A320 of AirAsia that can accommodate up to 180 passengers and I'm happy to see some friends joining AsiAsia's inaugural flight.

While on board, we were assigned to "Hot Seats", a premium passenger seat for those who booked their flight with some add-ons. Passengers who get this seat can enjoy the privilege of express boarding and in-flight meals.

Few minutes before the captain announced our descend, we were served with Uncle Chin's Chicken and Rice Hot Meal which I finished in less than five minutes. Well, I can't help it as aside from I did not have a decent lunch during that day, the Hot Meal served was surprisingly delicious.

I got curious about it, so I checked their menu and its says there that "Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice is crowd's favourite and seasoned champ." It's a Malaysian Hainanese Chicken served with seasoned rice. It is best paired with Uncle Chin's secret chili, ginger and garlic sauce. Passengers not seated on Hot Seats can also have this for only P150 (Ala Carte).

We reached Manila via NAIA Terminal 4 in just less than an hour. It was a smooth flight with a very minor turbulence. Thanks to the good weather during that day. But before we disembark the plane, we first had a little chitchat with the cabin crew and met the captain and the co-pilots.

In summary, my first flight with AirAsia was a great one. I was able to enjoy my privileges as a passenger. I also got to enjoy good food at very reasonable price, had a comfortable seat and most importantly, felt safe all throughout the flight.

You can also experience this kind of airline service when you book your next flight with AirAsia. Just log on to to continue chasing wonders.

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