Sun Life's #LiveBrighter Forum enlightens Ilonggos

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Bloggers and Iloilo-based Instagrammers with the #LiveBrighter Forum speakers

With the mission of bringing lifetime financial freedom to everyone, Sun Life Financial held its Iloilo leg of #LiveBrighter Forum on October 14 at Seda Atria.

Attended by Ilonggos who want to know more about the opportunities and advantages of being a Sun Life Advisor, the event has also become a good venue to openly talk about money matters.

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I was surprised to see that most of the attendees are millennials and young professionals who are all eager to learn more techniques on how to manage their finances. And yes, I am also one of them - a millennial struggling to balance between expenditures and savings.

Highlighting the #LiveBrighter Forum are talks from Sun Life Financial experts who shared some real-life experiences about their own financial struggles and how they survived it  through the help of a financial advisor.

Sun Life Regional Sales Manager Valerie Lagarde

Sun Life regional sales manager Valerie Lagarde spoke about inflation. She highlighted that everyone should be prepared for the future noting "Its Time!" findings which revealed that out of 100 retirees, only 2 are financially independent. The rest continue to work (23%), rely on charity (30%) and still depend on their relatives (45%).

With the average of P8,000 monthly pension in the Philippines, Lagarde said that this will not be able to sustain the daily needs of the retirees.

She added that education, just like other necessities, also becomes costly as time goes by due to inflation. Thus, we do not have other option but to prepare for it by saving for the future.


Lagarde's insights entail that no matter in what life stage we are in right now, there is a need to be equipped with the right knowledge about financial management for us to live brighter in the future. It is where the roles of financial advisors come in.

Financial advisors serve as real life heroes who have the superpower to turn dreams into reality, save people from financial crisis and lead them to financial freedom.

In a nutshell, Financial advisors has the power to make one's future into a brighter one by introducing them to different financial tools.

It might be a boring and nosebleeding topic to most, especially to the millennials but this is something that everyone should learn whether you are just starting to earn, planning to settle down, preparing to retire or even on retirement stage already.


More than being financial heroes to others, being a financial advisor will also let you provide sound financial advice to individuals, build a trusting relationship with clients throughout their lifetime, and offer solutions to ensure growth of finances and financial security to loved ones during uncertainties.

Sun Life #LiveBrighter Forum speakers Sun Life Area Manager Mike Gustilo, Sun Life Sales Manager Valerie Lagarde and Sun Life Advisor Churchil Bejemino

Yet, among those advantages and benefits, one of the best rewards of being a financial advisor is it brings you to the "Perfect Spot". The "Perfect Spot" is when you DO WHAT YOU LOVE, DO WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT, and DO WHAT PAYS WELL all at the same time.

So, think about it now. Will you just settle being just a plain earner or level up into a financial superhero who brings a brighter life?

To know more on how to become Sun Life Advisor, visit or call 849-9888 (Metro Manila) or 1800-10-SUNLIFE (PLDT domestic toll-free).

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