Chasing wonders in Tagaytay

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The cold January weather reminds me so much of one of the most unforgettable trips and travel collaborations I had in 2017 - my Tagaytay trip with Airasia. 

At first, I thought Tagaytay is another overrated local destination with Taal Lake and Volcano as its main attraction. Together with some Iloilo and Bacolod-based media and bloggers, I can prove that it is as beautiful as in the post cards.

Comparable to the cold weather of Baguio City, Tagaytay is ideal to those who want to have a short weekend vacation especially that it is just about two-hour drive away from Manila. Now, Ilonggos can also have the chance to enjoy #ChasingWondersInTagaytay as the country's best budget airline, AirAsia is flying to and from Manila thrice daily since October. (READ: Flying with AirAsia for the first time)

If you are not satisfied with the Christmas vacation, now is the perfect time for you to have an extended one and still feel like December with Tagaytay's cold breeze. 

Here are some of the where-to-go's when in Tagaytay:


You cannot leave Tagaytay without having a photo with Taal Volcano. Taal Vista Hotel offers the best view of both Taal Lake and Volcano as its viewing deck in Tagaytay. It's viewing deck gives you the perfect spot to have a selfie or wefie with Taal Volcano without the photobombers.

Aside from the magnificent view of Taal, the main attraction of Taal Vista Hotel is its luxurious accommodation. The rooms are spacious and equipped with modern facilities. Other rooms offer a great scenic view of Taal Lake and Volcano, thus, giving every guest a wonderful stay either for business or pleasure.

Taal Vista Hotel is also known for its great gastronomic offerings. Its buffet offer the widest array of both local and international cuisines. What I love among the food on the buffet are the native delicacies like espasol, halo-halo, sapin-sapin, puto, kutsinta and suman which are perfect for dessert.

LOCATION: Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines
CONTACT NO.: +63 (917) 809-1254 | +63 (46) 413 1000
FACEBOOK: Taal Vista Hotel


One day is not enough to try all the rides at Sky Ranch. This 5-hectare leisure park is being owned and managed by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. and is now known as one of the go-to places of the adventure seekers in Tagaytay.

The most popular attraction at Sky Ranch is the Sky Eye. Considered as one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the country, this ride lifts you up to 63 meters above the ground (not a ride for those who have fear of heights). It's the best ride if you want to see the a bird's eye view of Tagaytay, and its neighboring provinces. From its highest point, you can also see the whole Taal Lake and Volcano. It's best experienced with friends and loved ones as each 32 air-conditioned gondolas can accommodate 3-4 passengers.

If you want to experience an extreme ride, the Drop Tower is a perfect match for you. This ride lifts passengers to the top of a tower while the gondolas rotate 360 degrees. The extreme experience begins when it suddenly drops and bounces up and down, letting passengers shout their hearts out.

Riding the Grand Carousel feels like in a fairytale. It's the ultimate ride either for kids or kids at heart. You can choose from the 4 sleighs and 24 horses that consist of this carousel. Sky Ranch's Grand Carousel has two floors for a more exciting adventure.

Express Train is the perfect ride for the titos and titas who want to explore the whole Sky Ranch but don't want to get tired from walking. It's a relaxing and fun way to see the attractions in the park while enjoying the cool Tagaytay breeze.

The Nessi Coaster is the lighter version of the roller coaster ride. Actually, it's a kiddie roller coaster where you can enjoy quick drops and swirls that will also make you scream. It's a good warm up for the real roller coaster.

One of my favorite attractions at the Sky Ranch is the Riding Loop. It was my first time to try horseback riding, but I never had hard time trying it out. Thanks to the well-trained native horses, I was able to enjoy my first ever horseback riding experience.

There are still a lot of rides and attractions to enjoy at the Sky Ranch. Unfornately, I haven't tried everything as aside from time constraint, I do not have a brave heart to try other extreme rides. For your benefit, here's a list of other rides you can try at the Sky Ranch:
- Super Viking
- Sky Cruiser
- Mini Viking
- Wonder Flight
- Flying Bus
- Red Baron
- Snail Attack
- Top Dancer
- Jump Around
- Bubble O-Fun
- Zipline
- Log Coaster
- Safari Splash
- Play Zone
- Lobster Pot
- High Striker

LOCATION: Barangay Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City (Beside Taal Vista Hotel)
CONTACT NO.: (02) 857-0100 local 1450


Bag of Beans is becoming one of the popular places in Tagaytay if you want to try good coffee and desserts. 

Foodies and coffee lovers will surely find haven at Bag of Beans. They serve great tasting drinks and desserts. They have wide array of specialty coffee (both hot and cold) at reasonable prices. They also serve main courses, soup and salad, pasta, pizza, burgers, pizza, all-day breakfast, Filipino favorites, pancakes, pies and yummy desserts.

Aside from the good food and aromatic coffee, Bag of Beans is also famous for its Instagrammable place. Each corner has its own theme and was creatively designed. Customers will surely find their own perfect spot for a satisfying and unique gastronomic experience.

LOCATION: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City (Main Branch)
CONTACT NO.: 046-4134356/046-4132724/046-4130026/0922-8818265


Nothing really beats Filipino cuisine. When in Tagaytay, don't miss to visit the original branch of Pamana Restaurant, a heritage restaurant serving original Pinoy favorites for over 100 years now.

The homey ambiance of the restaurant is reflected on the old furniture and portraits on display all over the place. It show how the family tradition was passed from one generation to another. As what its name means, Pamana Restaurant's heirloom recipes serve as family's legacy.

Among the Filipino dishes which serve as Pamana Restaurant's bestseller is include the flavorful Seafood Kare-Kare, everyone's favorite Crispy Pata and Tagaytay's famous Bulalo. The restaurant also offers good view of Taal Volcano, so you can really indulge to good food while having a scenic view. 

LOCATION: Tagaytay-Nasugbu HighwayTagaytay City (near The Boutique Bed & Breakfast)
CONTACT NO.: (046) 413-2461 / 0922-8592703

Tagaytay has indeed a lot to offer aside from Taal Lake and Volcano and it cold weather. The wonderful sceneries, extreme adventures and authentic food are just of the few things that every traveller should never miss when visiting this vacation destination. So, if you're looking for a place to chill and unwind over the weekend, Tagaytay is the place to be! 

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