Geronimo's Cafe+Bakery: Brunch to dinner, coffee to cocktails, cakes and pastries

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Ilonggos are undeniably food lovers. We love to eat at anytime of the day. Now, you can enjoy good food whenever you want to eat with the opening of another food place in the metro.

Geronimo's Cafe+Bakery offers wide array of gastronomic selections patterned from the Western comfort food. Its menu covers brunch to dinner, coffee to cocktails, and cakes and pastries.

Opened last November at the Shops at Atria in San Rafael, Mandurriao, Geronimo's Cafe+Bakery has become an instant hit for foodies of all ages because of its diverse offerings.

Siblings Gerry, Paolo and Miguel Treñas

This restaurant is another brainchild of the Treñas siblings following the success of their other brands such as Ang Kamalig Restaurant, Wild Bamboo, and Carlo's Bakery. Chef Gerry is in-charged of the coffee and pastries, Chef Miguel on brunch and mains, Carlo on cocktails and beverages, and Paolo and Raisa on the marketing and business side. 

The restaurant's modern industrial interiors give every diner a welcoming vibe. I personally love the homey feels of the restaurant and its Western-inspired design which perfectly complement the international dishes they serve. 

Here are some of the breads and pastries available at Geronimos' Cafe+Bakery.

Chocolate Tart (P105)

Ensaymada (P55)

Walnut Fudge Brownies (P220)

Croissant (P55)

Corn Muffins (P55)

Blueberry Muffins (P75)

Cinnamon Rolls (P60)

For brunch and mains, here are some of its bestsellers:

Three Cheese Sandwhich Melt (P315)

French Toast (P210)

Eggs Benedict (P295)

Cream Cheese Stuffed Meatballs (P295)

Walnut Crusted Salmon (P450)

Geronimo's Salad (P245)

Roasted Chicken (P425)

Beef Bourguignon (P725)

Club Sandwhich (P350)

Beignets (P185) 
American Pork Bbq (P650)

Roasted Squash Soup (P155)

Miso Rub Mackerel (P380)

These are just few of the food offerings of Geronimo's Cafe+Bakery. There are still a lot that are not on this list, especially their coffee and cocktails which are perfect for the chill sessions of the millennials and yuppies.

Find out more of its menu by following Geronimo's Cafe+Bakery official social media accounts.

CONTACT NO.: (033) 501-5595
STORE HOURS: 8 am to 10 pm daily

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