Chasing summer in Tablas Island, Romblon

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Just in time for the temporary closure of the world-renowned Boracay Island, I had an unplanned summer getaway in Romblon with my friends - no itinerary, no advance bookings, just pure fun and spontaneous adventure.

Honestly, Romblon was never on my summer bucketlist. However, when we were planning for a summer adventure to de-stress ourselves, it popped up as one of the options. Without second thoughts, we all agreed to pack our bags and go straight to Romblon.

We took the first trip going to Caticlan at 3 am as we found out that the only trip going to Tablas Island, Romblon leaves Caticlan Jetty Port at 9 am.

We arrived Caticlan Jetty Port around 8:30 am, but since it's the only trip going to the island, we ended up being chance passengers. We were already thinking of alternatives. Luckily, we were allowed to board the boat.

It's already 12 noon when we reached Looc town. The port is just few meters away from the town proper. So you can either walk or rent a tricycle going to your destination. Since we do not have any idea where to stay, we opted to hire a tricycle. Fortunately, we met some locals on the boat who gave us some recommendations.

There are a number of resorts that offer good accommodation in the island but since we're on a budget, we chose to stay in an inn located at the town proper. We actually went to a number of inns nearby but most of them are already fully booked because it's the town's fiesta when went there.

The inn where we stayed (which I will not mention because I'm not recommending it.πŸ˜’) has air-conditioned rooms, but doesn't have enough water supply. We have to go to their common comfort room downstairs (our room is located at the 2nd floor) if we need to use the toilet or take a bath. Imagine how inconvenient it is. But out of no option, we stayed there for a night. We paid P1,150 (good for 3 pax) for an overnight stay.

After eating lunch and taking a short rest, we started exploring what Tablas Island has to offer. Our first stop is the Looc Fish Sanctuary which is their most popular destination. We went back to the port where we docked as it is also where we can ride a boat going to the floating cottage which is about 5 minutes away.

But before going there, you have first to pay P100 per head fare at the office located at the entrance of the port.You can also rent snorkelling gears here for P50.  Guests can stay at the floating cottage for a maximum of two hours and enjoy fish feeding, snorkelling or simply swimming.

We stayed there for just an hour and obviously, did photoshoot most of the time (did it for the Gram!😁). Then, we're off o our next destination.

We asked our driver where we can see the most beautiful sunset in Romblon and he recommended Binucot Beach. It's an hour away from the town proper when riding a tricycle.

We reached Binucot Beach around 4 pm. It's a very laid back beach resort with some hotels and cottages. There's no need to pay for entrance fee but you can rent out a cottage for those who want to stay there for a day. Rooms and villas are also available for overnight stays.

After exploring the whole stretch of the beach, we stayed in a less crowded area where we had a little dip. We were supposed to wait for the sunset. However, we got bored so we just decided to go back to the town proper to take a rest since there is nothing to do in this island at night.

Since we were looking for more adventures and a day in Tablas Island is not enough  to satisfy our summer souls, we decided to extend our trip.

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Watch out for the part 2 of my Romblon adventure plus this trip's budget guide on my next blog! Stay tuned!

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